Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2019

Property dream brought to life with Cero innovative sliding door system

The Cero innovative sliding door system is designed by Solarlux to create openness within the living space using its extensive glass panes, flawless design and impressive dimensions. This contemporary product has assisted Mr & Mrs Andrews in realising their dream of building a modern home with an almost seamless transition between the internal and external living spaces. Mr & Mrs Andrews purchased the building plot two years ago (the land originally formed part of a large Victorian house garden which is now home for the new property) with a very specific idea of the living space they wanted to create. Their dream was to build a new home based on a design previously seen in Arizona USA and subsequently that they had fallen in love with.

The multi-award winning Cero sliding door perfectly combines technology and design, offering the aspired aesthetics and design characteristics required for the build whilst providing exceptional thermal insulation (U values as low as ≤ 0.80 W/m2K) as well as peace of mind due to the products inbuilt security measures. The use of the Cero product enabled them to realise their true aspirational dream of bringing the outdoor world into their home, from a safe and secure position whilst flooding the living space with natural light, creating a oneness with nature and a true sense of well-being.

The Cero elements combine architecture, design and technology in a truly masterful way. Vertical profiles measuring an impressive 34 mm width, enabling maximum transparency with the outer frames seamlessly integrating within the floor, walls and ceiling. The glass sliding panels can be designed to a maximum area of 15m2 (6m (h) x 4m (w)) and a weight of up to 1,000 kilograms; however, intelligent roller technology ensures they are effortless to move due to the specific German engineering. All five of the panels installed within property are movable, using simple operable technology and allowing for endless configuration possibilities to suit any weather. Kate Andrews said: “We are truly delighted with the final result, which we feel really reduces the distinction between our house and garden. Our aim was to combine the charm of the surrounding older buildings with our modern new style; with the help of the Cero glazing solution we have achieved this. We are thoroughly enjoying our new home and are so pleased we chose Solarlux to bring our dream home to fruition.”