Published On: Wed, Nov 17th, 2021

Reduced insurance premiums for homeowners who buy doors made by Emplas

Homeowners who buy entrance doors manufactured by Emplas, will be able to reduce the cost of home-insurance following a new tie-in with a leading home insurance company.

A new agreement between smart hardware supplier Kubu and challenger home insurance company Locket, means that homeowners who buy and activate doors with Kubu smart locking hardware, can access reduced premiums.

Supplying all the entrance doors it makes with Kubu smart sensors as standard, it gives Emplas installers a powerful new retail message.

Jody Vincent, Sales Director, Emplas, said: “Smart home security is a new but rapidly growing sector and has the potential to generate some very big opportunities for windows and doors.

“We were launch partner for Kubu and have supplied the Kubu sensor as standard across our door ranges since 2019. 

“The opportunity to lower your premiums by activating the Kubu smart system, is major incentive to homeowners and gives Kubu new reach in retail.”

The Kubu lock is upgraded from a standard multi-point locking system to a smart technology through the optional insertion of a Kubu battery powered module. No wiring or additional work is required.

This can then be linked by the end-user to their mobile or tablet, giving them full visibility of the status of their door in real-time through an app. Easy to set up, Kubu also works with other smart devices including Alexa. 

This can also be set to deliver an alert if the owner leaves their property without securing the door, triggered as they disconnect from their home WIFI. 

The link-up with Locket also places Kubu alongside other leading smart home security providers including Netatmo, Honeywell, Abode and Eufy Security.

The home insurer, which was formerly Hiro, is challenging the insurance sector by offering homeowners the opportunity to lower the cost of home insurance by proactively protecting their home with smart technologies.

“The partnership with Locket puts in place a direct link between installation of an Emplas Kubu activated door and lower home insurance premiums. That’s a very powerful message at point of retail”, said Jody.

“It communicates innovation and technology but also in reducing premiums, communicates the fact that as a homeowner, you’re buying a very secure door and that’s go win our customers business.”