Published On: Fri, Apr 30th, 2021

Revolutionary ordering system transforms business operations

Sean Smalley, owner of Lincoln Window Design, says that implementing Origin’s Sale Safe (OSS) system transformed the way his business operates, making its ordering process more accurate and efficient, with new quotations taking just minutes to complete.

Sean explains: “OSS is brilliant. It is as simple as that. It cuts out all human interaction, which not only speeds up the ordering process, but also removes the possibility of errors. Being able to quote up and order in less than five minutes is fantastic, and allows us to be much more productive with our time. It makes our decision to supply only Origin aluminium products even smarter.”

“It’s also never closed. OSS is an online system, so it doesn’t work normal office hours. This means we can get a quote whenever we like. For example, we had some customers come into the showroom late in the day. They were decisive and knew what products they wanted, with accurate sizes to match. We loaded the project into OSS, which created an immediate quote. By the time they left the showroom, they had signed an order and we had a new customer. This would never be possible without OSS.”

Productivity and profitability are big words in the fenestration and glazing industry, with everyone striving to find a way of getting ahead. This includes Origin offering a unique ‘Your Lead Time, Not Ours’ promise, offering comprehensive marketing support and sales training, and now OSS.

Sean comments: “We are really well supported by Origin in so many ways, but none more so than with the introduction of OSS, which has revolutionised how we work. A dedicated consultant showed us how to implement it into our system and provided training. We can create detailed and personalised PDFs, produce pictures, quote and order in minutes, and add notes where relevant, which all pulls together to make our offering even more impressive.”

Every day on site is different, often with new challenges to overcome. Changing or adding to an order at the last minute is a common request, which can cause major delays in work starting. With OSS, it can be edited at the click of a button. Sean says: “The fast acting OSS, coupled with Origin’s excellent delivery times, mean that delays are avoided, no matter the scale of the re-order. This has a real, positive impact on us as a brand, which we are really grateful for.”

Sean concludes: “Origin’s Sale Safe has been a fantastic addition to our already successful Origin portfolio. We can deal with enquiries quicker, close deals more efficiently, work to our schedule, do less in order to gain more, work across more accounts, and be more productive. It is a key factor in helping us continue to go from strength to strength. As I said, moving to Origin seven years ago seems to become a smarter decision as time goes on.”