Published On: Fri, Aug 6th, 2021

RISA stats show FENSA approved installers continue to deliver despite industry challenges

RISA, the GGF Group’s inspection and auditing company, reports that a high standard of work is being carried out by FENSA Approved Installers across the country, despite the challenges posed by skills and materials shortages. 

RISA, which carries out more than 1,000 assessments every month, has continued with its on-site compliance inspections over the last year, while ensuring that customer and assessor safety was paramount throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Over the past four years, RISA inspectors have consistently rated more than 94% of installations by FENSA Approved Installers as ‘satisfactory or better’. This figure reached 97.3% in 2020, and currently stands at 96.6% in 2021, meaning the vast majority of work carried out has been deemed by RISA’s assessors as ‘satisfactory’, ‘above average’ or ‘excellent’. 

Dave Mechem, operations director at RISA, said: “There’s no doubt that the industry is dealing with several issues at the moment. Quality, in terms of product and installations, has seen a very slight deterioration, as fabricators try to keep up with demand and installers face increased workload pressures. But that decline comes from a hugely impressive starting point and as our satisfaction ratings evidence, the overall standard is still incredibly high.”

“Nor can it be denied that we are in the midst of a skills shortage which adds further pressure to the system. That said, a huge effort is being made within the industry to pick up the slack, and statistics show that the vast majority of FENSA Approved Installers continue to deliver a consistently high and compliant standard of work despite these challenges.” 

The average homeowner satisfaction rating for paying customers, excluding tenants, in 2021 also currently stands at 4.1 out of 5, which means most homeowners considered work carried out by FENSA Approved Installers, comprising factors including satisfaction, sales and product recommendation, to be of and ‘above average’ standard.

In addition RISA have carried out more than 650 MTC assessments between January and June this year alongside increasing numbers of installers using the FENSA Training Academy to gain new accreditations and qualifications. 

Mechem continues: “Companies understand that having fully trained, qualified staff equates to improved installation work and reduced costs on remedial work being carried out. The RISA team see excellent installations from accredited staff every single day without fuss and it is vital these standards are maintained under increased consumer demand.”