Published On: Mon, Nov 10th, 2014

Selling solid roof conservatories has never been easier

Solid Roof_WindowlinkThe super lightweight tiled roofing systems are becoming ever more popular with homeowners, and to help installers really capitalise on this trend, Windowlink has added a new feature to their market leading design, sales and pricing software for conservatories, Vector.

Installers can now add solid roofs when designing a conservatory with Vector, allowing homeowners to get an accurate image of how their new addition will look. The module is helping many companies throughout the country to convert more sales easier and at higher margins.

Windowlink managing director, Mark Dudley, commented: “More homeowners are becoming aware of the benefits delivered by solid tiled roofs, whether they are looking to transform their tired conservatory into an all year round space, or to purchase a new one. But as with any novelty, some are reluctant to go for it.

“With Vector, installers are able to produce the 3D image of the solid roof conservatory, enabling homeowners to see it from any angle. Thanks to the superimposing feature, installers can also ‘apply’ the new conservatory onto a picture of their customers’ property, to truly stir up desire. Being able to see the transformation before the project has even started is far more appealing to homeowners than presenting them with a generic brochure.”

The module allows installers to “team up” with the homeowner – they can swap options to meet their budget and select the colours that will perfectly compliment their property, all before the conservatory has even been built.

Windowlink’s selling tool can price up conservatories in real time, which means the cost will change with every new option selected. A unique feature that sets Vector apart is its ability to price up the entire project, including the electrics, plumbing and groundwork – providing the homeowner with a more realistic price and avoiding confusion.

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