Published On: Fri, Apr 30th, 2021

Social selling, all you need to know from Freefoam

Freefoam Building Products has released a new document of guidelines to help roofline and cladding installers promote their business and services on social media.

Spending even just a small amount on advertising through social media channels can make your content and posts go a long way. It’s a very powerful tool to showcase your business to local homeowners while they are browsing Facebook or Instagram.

But many installers find it daunting to run their own Facebook and Instagram adverts, so Freefoam have developed a step by step guide with all the information business owners will need to get started.

The document includes details of each stage of setting up adverts, from information about a free online Facebook course, ideas on how to target an audience to make sure adverts reach the people who will be interested in a particular service, tips on adding tracking code so that Facebook shows adverts to the right people and advice on scheduling to ensure adverts are shown when the chosen audience are most likely to see them.

And that’s not all!  Freefoam are also developing short snappy videos of each stage to show installers exactly what to do.  Louise Sanderson UK Marketing Manager explained “ Using our experience we find that the combination of a document to follow and videos to illustrate different techniques are the best way of sharing this information with installers.”

Being able to promote and sell your business on social media is essential in todays market. Homeowners look at Facebook and Instagram every day.  Having adverts to showcase roofline and cladding work,  while they are browsing,  is a really powerful tool.  Freefoam are committed to giving help and support to it’s network of Registered Installers and want to make sure all installation companies have the tools to capitalise on this opportunity. 

The document will be emailed directly to all installers, be included in newsletters and be available to download from The series of videos will be posted on Freefoam social media platforms and available to refer to on YouTube. 

The Registered Installer Scheme is part of Freefoam’s comprehensive support package for all home improvement companies.  Support on offer goes beyond great products and guarantees to help installers grow, with a comprehensive range of high quality consumer focused marketing literature, samples and colour swatches to help the decision making process and free pre-qualified leads generated from Freefoam’s consumer-facing websites and

If you are interested in becoming a Freefoam Registered Installer please go to