Published On: Tue, Apr 20th, 2021

Stand out support for Ultraroof from Ultraframe

The Ultraroof tiled roof system from Ultraframe is renowned by fitters across the UK for many reasons, including its stunning good looks, stand-out technical features which have seen it win many coveted awards, the ease of building it thanks to the high levels of pre-fabrication, and the huge amount of support available – including site assists for all first builds.

Mark Bowler leads the Ultraroof Site Support Team and attends site when teams are installing Ultraroof for the first time across the UK. Explaining more about his role supporting Ultraroof customers, Mark said: “Our free site assist service for all Ultraroof first builds is hugely appreciated by customers and it’s always very rewarding to work on these assists. Installers are often apprehensive about building their first Ultraroof but once they see how it goes together so simply and quickly on site, there’s no stopping them. We offer this site assist service to installation companies right across the UK and myself and the other two engineers in my team certainly cover some miles – in fact, in 2020, I visited 126 towns and cities despite the lockdowns!”

Upon his arrival on site, Mark begins by taking the installers through the paperwork that arrives with each Ultraroof, and then reviews the installation guide and the various packages that are ready for installation. He commented: “While it’s important for installers to learn the skills so that they become second nature, I always work with them from the installation guide on these first builds, so that we are following a process that they can replicate on their next build when I’m not there. Ultraframe makes it all as simple as possible – even numbering the order in which the various components should be taken out of their packaging! Although fitting an Ultraroof couldn’t be easier thanks to the high level of pre-fabrication, it’s something different for an installer used to doing glass roofs, and so having someone experienced there for the first build reassures them that it will all go smoothly. I offer tips and tricks and can discuss any queries they have, including questions about surveying for a solid roof.”

After reviewing the installation guide and explaining about the components being numbered, to make sure the site can remain uncluttered, the build can begin. Mark and his team advise and guide the installers through their first build, offering a mix of advice and practical assistance where needed.

Another helpful part of the service offered by Mark and his team are the photo they take of the various steps of the build. The installation company can choose to use these for future reference if required and they are also useful to explain any feedback passed on by the Ultraroof Site Support Team. The photos are also filed at Ultraframe HQ along with a report about each first build.

Concluding about this vital support role offered by himself and his team, Mark said: “The Ultraroof Site Support team offers a fantastic service to Ultraroof customers which is greatly appreciated. We also have a huge amount of technical support available for Ultraroof via our technical team (by phone, email or WhatsApp) along with many how-to videos that can be easily accessed on site via our Installer App and YouTube. However, for a first build of a new system, there is no substitute for having someone there to guide, and offer advice and reassurance, and for myself and my team, we get a huge amount of satisfaction when we see the proud faces of the installers once it is complete. The system goes together so simply and Ultraframe has though of everything to make the build process as fast and easy as possible, but the reassurance of having one of us there to oversee the all-important first build is something that our customers are really thankful for and that is a fantastic part of the Ultraroof support package.”

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