Published On: Thu, Mar 23rd, 2017

Supalite Approved Retailer Scheme supports installers in solid roof market

SupaLite 20pp Brochure EMAIL copySupalite developed the Supalite Retailer Scheme in 2015 to support installers looking to move into the then very new field of solid roof installation. As the market has continued to develop and Supalite has risen to being a real marketing leading force, the scheme has gone from strength to strength. Like all installer support networks, the key aim of the Supalite Scheme is to help installers grow by providing them with bespoke marketing collateral, and of course consumer leads.

But installing solid roofs is such a complex field there is much more. Steve Hacking, Operations Director for Supalite Roofs takes up the story. “The Supalite Scheme is designed to help us engage with really professional installers, and for us to provide them with consumer marketing support to enable them to gain more market share; but installing solid roofs is a complex business – we believe that every roof needs building control approval and a major part of the offering of our scheme is us setting up an infrastructure to get this approval for our installers.

“We want to take the headaches away from them by having things in place which simply enables them to go out and sell without the worry of whether they can get approval.

“All of our systems are LABC and JHAi approved which means that our installer can confidently sell to their customers knowing that the roofs meet all of the necessary regulations; and that in turn makes the process of getting approval that much easier. It is a process that has to be gone through, but knowing that the roof complies with all legislation makes that process easier, and it was something we decided to do right from the outset. All our roofs can be supplied with JHAI Building Regulation Certification – it gives installers really meaningful support.

“The Supalite Scheme has gone from strength to strength over the last couple of years, and as we have developed it further, our market share has continued to grow. We very much see ourselves as being among the market leaders in this field now, both by volume and by the way we support so many professional installers to get the product to market.

“There is always room for more installers to join the scheme, and we welcome them with open arms to our meetings throughout the year. We are keen for our members to meet and share best practice, amongst themselves and with us so that together we can make Supalite Roofs the roof of choice for consumers wanting a solid roof to upgrade their existing conservatory or other rooms in the house.

Steve Hacking is Operations Director for Supalite Roofs