Published On: Mon, Jun 23rd, 2014

Hurst and Regalead unveil decorative glass design for composite doors

Paul Edwards and Mark AtkinsonTwo industry leaders have marked 18 years of working together by joining forces to unveil an inventive decorative glass design for composite doors. Hurst Plastics is the first composite door supplier in the industry to offer the new Heritage Dorchester glass design, which has been developed by leading decorative glass supplier, RegaLead.

Hurst and RegaLead have been working together since Hurst Plastics was established in 1996. In their 18 year working relationship, the two companies have collaborated on a number of innovative decorative developments for the composite door market.

Paul Edwards, Sales Manager at RegaLead, says: “There is a great synergy between our two businesses. Hurst has a proven track record and is one of the most innovative door suppliers in the industry, which always strives to offer its customers a unique product to help them differentiate themselves within the market. With quality and performance at the forefront of every development, RegaLead is focused on delivering what the market wants in decorative glass design. When bringing our new Dorchester product to the market, we wanted to launch with a high calibre partner that reflected the quality of this new design. We had no hesitation in contacting Hurst Plastics first.”

Mark Atkinson, Sales Director at Hurst Plastics, adds: “As a business, we are passionate about leading the market through innovation and differentiation, so we are naturally delighted to be the first in the industry to offer this superb new glass design from a very long standing partner. Heritage Dorchester seamlessly blends the benefits of cutting edge technology with traditional crafted design and we’re very confident that the market is ready for this product.”

Heritage Dorchester is handcrafted and uses a unique technique to bond individual pieces of traditional art glass onto toughened glass, where it is leaded and soldered to achieve a more period look. It combines the aesthetics, depth of colour and texture associated with traditional art glass, with the safety and performance of triple glazing. Featuring in Hurst’s latest composite door brochure, the Heritage Dorchester is available in three classic border colours – amber, deep blue and green.

For further information on Heritage Dorchester or to find out how to become a Hurst trade partner, then please contact Hurst on 01482 790790.