Published On: Wed, Jan 10th, 2024

Using photography to boost your business

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection and Window Widgets, knows just how to build a brand, grow a business and attract customers. Especially when using quality photography to capture the customer experience.

The world of marketing is increasingly a visual one, so it’s no surprise that amazing imagery can make all the difference. It helps show the beauty and utility of products, the options and features available, the quality of the installation and the overall sense of aesthetics a window installation can achieve.

So how can installers make the most of photography in their own marketing?

Before and after

Every installer knows the difference their job makes, transforming the look and feel of properties through new windows. But recording the before as well as the after can be key to creating a case study that can tell that story in the future.

It might be that new windows have totally transformed a property, offering a new, modern look. Or that a heritage property in a conservation area requires a finish that looks identical to the original, with all the upgrades subtle and in sympathy with the period. For both, a before and after shot is ideal.

Inside and out

Remember that, when it comes to photography, there are two sides to every window. Alongside capturing the stunning external finish, it’s just as vital to record the internal aspect. Because new windows can revitalise and refresh interior decor too, and homeowners have normally put much more effort and design into their rooms than the walls outside.

Ultimately, it offers a full picture, allowing customers to see what they’re getting both inside and out. We know shoppers research for longer and in more detail than ever before, so great photography can answer this need.

Get the angle right

When it comes to capturing the big picture, and the little details, it’s unlikely you’ll get everything in one shot. Try a variety of angles and aspects to create a range of imagery to be used for a multitude of marketing purposes.

Wider landscape shots of the outside of a building can show scale and overall effect, whereas closeups of details and hardware can show off the quality and finish.

Details matter

Those closeups can be really important, especially with customers shopping around for the specific options and features they require. So, use photography to highlight the key details that suit specific period homes or heritage styles, as well as any colourways and combinations.

This is especially important when it comes to winning business in conservation areas, where replacing windows can mean very specific requirements for colour, style, finish and hardware.

Photography also offers a chance to highlight functionality and features that make a product range excel, such as the flush interior design of the R7 range, or the different styles of beading for a flush window, for example.