Published On: Mon, Jun 6th, 2022

Veka is black & white about how all its window systems meet a U-value of 1.2 

With a lot of over-inflated claims currently doing the rounds, VEKA believes transparency and accurate information is key to navigating the changes to Building Regulations coming in to force on the 15 June.  

Following the ongoing package of support VEKA has been offering its customers since January, it has added a new clear and concise guide to how all its window systems can meet a U-value of 1.2 W/m2K or lower. 

VEKA has always prided itself on being transparent and providing accurate real-time information. The specifications in this guide are fully reinforced and realistic to fabricate. There are no grey areas or hidden small print and applies to both light and dark colours.  

The guide has been produced in two simple formats. Visitors to Fit Show can pick up a handy pocket guide, or a full guide showing drawings of chambers and reinforcement can be downloaded from VEKA’s website.  

VEKA is asking fabricators and installers to make sure they ‘get the true facts’ when it comes to the U-values required for new build dwellings.  VEKA Technical Director Paul Kennington has been holding individual digital workshops to provide the latest support and guidance and all VEKA customers and Independent Network installers have free access to VEKA’s exclusive specification software WinDoPlan.  

Paul said “Our comprehensive guide shows very clearly how all our window systems can meet a U-value of 1.2. We’ve based all our calculations on the worst-case scenario for achieving low U-values – dark colours and fully reinforced, so everything you see can be realistically made and installed. That’s important because some systems companies are making misleading claims about low U-values, that are loaded with impractical small print. 

“Speak with your systems house and ensure they have the documentation ready and prepared so that you can declare U-values. Make sure all the small print is read – that the claim can be substantiated, that it’s based on the standard window or the correct configuration of window that’s allowable for the calculation within the building regulations come June. If you hear a U-value that’s too good to be true, it probably is!” 

When it comes to U-Values for doors, VEKA will guide fabricators through their project on an individual basis, due to the hundreds of specification options possible.