Published On: Tue, Dec 23rd, 2014

Ventrolla in control as it reflects on 2014

As a new year approaches, Christian Walker, Marketing Manager of period window specialist Ventrolla looks back on 12 months of progress. It has been another successful year for the company which has expanded its workshop space, invested in new machinery and recruited more staff to meet growing demand for its products and services.

 Christian Walker“There is no doubt that after a tough economic period, business and consumer confidence is on the increase and latest forecasts for growth mean we can look forward to 2015 with greater optimism.

“We are not getting too carried away, of course, but have reason to look on the bright side. After a memorable 2013 when we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Ventrolla, 2014 has been another strong year for us and we expect this upward trend to continue.

“The past year has seen an increase of 7% in sales, driven by consumer demand for our quality, innovative products and knowledge and expertise.

“The emphasis has changed significantly in recent times however with more of our customers wanting to replace their original, single glazed sashes with new double glazed units. Five years ago, just 20% of our projects involved the installation of double glazed sashes; now over 70% of our orders include this work.

“As a result, production of new joinery has increased dramatically and with it the need for extra workshop space, machinery and staff. In the last year we’ve increased the size of the workshop by 40% to accommodate additional bench joiners. It is an investment we have been happy to make.

“Consumer demand is being driven by the desire to improve the energy efficiency of homes and reduce heating bills. People are therefore more inclined to look to the long term benefits of investing in double glazing and also draught-proofing, which on its own can increase energy efficiency by around 30%.

“Our double glazed sashes have been specifically designed to fit into the existing box frame, retaining the period features and majority of the original sash window.

“This work is increasingly popular and it means we are no longer just sash window renovation specialists but have grown to become period window specialists, offering a much wider service.

“We are now a one-stop-shop for repair and renovation, draught-proofing, double glazing, secondary glazing, plus new windows and doors.

“We see our main strength as being able to offer customers the energy performance of a modern window while retaining the authentic look and charm of a period window.

“Alongside double glazed sashes, demand also continues to grow for our discreet secondary glazing range. This appeals to property owners who look for the lowest visual impact when installed into a traditional timber window.

“We understand the needs of consumers who are looking for greater choice and innovative, energy-efficient products and we can deliver that, together with high performance, comfort and style.

“The key for any successful business is to be able to respond and meet customer demands. No business in our industry, or indeed any industry, can afford to be complacent in today’s competitive world.

“At Ventrolla we have enjoyed a successful year and in the year ahead our drive for further innovation and commitment to great customer service will continue.”