Published On: Tue, Jul 28th, 2015

Village hall offers demonstration of Trio’s A-rated capabilities

36486Following on from its presence at the FiT Show and its highly popular “Have One on Us” promotion there, tremco illbruck has delivered on-site training in the use of its A-Rated window sealants for two dozen installers around the country; including an Oxfordshire-based company which invited the manufacturer to demonstrate the capabilities of TP651 Trio tape where new frames were being fitted at a village hall.

Andy Glass Windows has been serving domestic and commercial clients across the rural county with high performance door and window systems for two decades offering PVC-U and composite frames as well as erecting garden rooms and extensions.

In this instance, Andy Glass arranged the tremco illbruck training session on its contract at Stanton St John where it was due to fit frames fabricated from the Residence 9 suite of profiles. The old community building’s stone structure presenting the sort of challenge for which TP651 Trio tape was developed.

The demonstration by tremco illbruck’s Business Development Manager, Steve Wild, was also attended by the manufacturer’s Marketing Manager for Windows and Facades, Fraser Higgins (and trade publication, Clearview).

Explaining the advantages to installers, as well as the long term performance of the building envelope, Steve Wild said: “TP651 Trio not only offers a more thermally efficient solution over the majority of silicone based sealants, it also allows the frames to be fitted some 20% quicker because it is so easy to apply.

“TP651 is a pre-compressed sealing tape, comprising of open-cell polyurethane soft foam, which is then impregnated with flame-retardant synthetic resin. Importantly, it remains vapour permeable while offering very good airtightness to cut energy losses.

“The correct tape size is applied around the frame of the window or door and to the cills before the frame is offered up – and begins to expand, taking up any irregularities in the opening.”  In common with the manufacturer’s commercial offering – illbruck i3 – which has featured in numerous PassivHaus and BREEAM ‘excellent’ developments, TP651 Trio offers architects as well as installers the confidence that as-built performance will match up to design targets.

Andy Aspel, General Manager of Andy Glass Windows, concluded: “TP651 Trio was an ideal solution for the particular installation we were doing at Stanton St John’s village hall. Tremco illbruck had the perfect solution in order for us to fit the windows more quickly and with minimal disruption. Tremco illbruck’s technical staff were superb, offering fantastic guidance and knowledge. We were seriously impressed with the products we used and will definitely be using them on our future installations.”