Published On: Tue, Jan 9th, 2024

Will trust be the biggest driver for consumers in 2024?

With financial caution set to continue for households in 2024, trust could well be the biggest driver for consumers when eyeing up home improvements says Andy Royle, co-founder and Director of Leads2Trade, the leading provider of double qualified window, door and conservatory sales leads.

In today’s ever-evolving economic landscape, financial caution has seen the home improvement market become a little less buoyant. And with good reason. Economic uncertainty and fluctuating markets have understandably left many consumers more conscious of their spending habits.

In such times, consumers tend to seek cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality, and with the sky-high cost of living set to continue in the year ahead, those that do decide to go ahead with home improvements are likely to look towards trust when it comes to choosing an installer to carry out the work.

The combination of financial caution and a growing desire for reliability amid uncertain times is likely to fuel consumers to increasingly turn to local installers rather than larger, national companies.

Trust has of course always played a pivotal role in consumers’ decisions, especially when it comes to home improvement projects. With the current economic climate, however, a shift to local business is increasingly likely.

Local installers often offer more competitive pricing and a more personalised service, fostering a sense of trust, while there is a continuing importance on supporting local economies.

We have seen first-hand over the years what consumers want from an installer, and while price is still important, they are increasingly looking for trust. Our comparison service provides them with two installers and booked appointments with both so they can find the right installer in their area.

We are still seeing a huge number of enquiries come through our comparison service and our online assets for installers on our trusted member network, and smaller to mid installers with the right offerings, marketing and business focus have a great opportunity to win more business.

In times of uncertainty, consumers are not just seeking products and services; they are seeking reassurance and reliability, making local installers an increasingly preferred choice for those looking for home improvements.