Published On: Mon, Aug 16th, 2021

Window Warehouse join the Kubu smart revolution

Now in its 35th year in business, Window Warehouse has become the latest manufacturing company to adopt Kubu smart-sensor technology in their residential doors. The smart home market in the UK is a £multi-billion affair and growing strongly, so it’s providing window and door professionals with the opportunity to tap into a new market, close more sales and to future-proof installations. There’s little work to be done at the point of frame manufacture and the installation process for a door or window equipped for a Kubu smart-sensor, is exactly the same as it is for a standard glazed product.

It is only once the Kubu smart-sensor is inserted into the captive slot in the multi-point lock does the door or window become smart and this can be done directly by the consumer, much like changing the SIM card on the phone. Activation is just a matter of minutes and the benefits from having doors and windows that can notify you if they are locked or unlocked is considerable.

There’s also a clever geo-fencing feature within the app, that tells you as you leave the perimeter of the Kubu hub network if any doors or windows are unlocked e.g. when you leave a property or get into a vehicle. It’s all part of a wider strategy for Kubu to be a cornerstone of the rapidly evolving smart home market.

Anni Hudson, Marketing Manager of Window Warehouse commented: “Kubu is a revelation and could help change the way in which we market and sell windows and doors. The responsibility is directly with Kubu for activation, whilst the choice as whether to go smart is with the consumer, yet the USP’s and opportunities reside with our trade partners. In all it’s a wonderful piece of smart home tech and at a good price point too.”

Lauren Bromley, Head of Brand for Kubu added: “We’re getting enquiries by the day from installers looking to be smart-sensor equipped. The door activations are now happening daily and with the window smart-sensor due to be launched in the coming months, it’s the perfect opportunity for installers to join our smart revolution.”