Published On: Thu, Mar 29th, 2018

Working from the inside out with the in-house foiling team at Camden

When looking for new windows and doors, customers are taking the inside colours into consideration as much as the outside. You may be aware of colour being a major consideration when ordering windows and doors. Colours such as charcoal grey were the biggest trend of 2017 for external frames and 2018 isn’t any different. As well as colours being a focus on current trends on the outside of homes, customers are growing increasingly conscious of colour on inside frames. It has become common for internal windows to be just as colourful as the external frames. Although there is a wide range of colours available, the most popular combination is black external and cream internal, to create warmth within the room. Colours are added to Camden’s Inliten profile through our in-house foiling system. The bespoke technologies allow the standard frames to be foiled in a wide range of colours; whitegrain, oak, cream, black, red, mahogany, rosewood, blue, green and charcoal grey.

The foiling process is headed by Mark Lavery and a dedicated team fulfil tailored foiling orders on a daily basis. “The increase in orders for foiled profile we have seen grow incredibly over the past few years and we expect for this trend to continue well into 2018 for both internal and external frames.”

Thinking of making a change and not sure what colours to go for? Here are a few Camden tips…think:

Long term – Trends can come and go but your windows and doors will be with you for years to come. Blacks, greys and creams are more likely to stay modern compared to blues and greens for example which may age faster.

What matches your internal décor. Coloured frames inside your home can look great, but always consider what the frames will look like if you decide to redecorate and what gives warmth to your rooms.

About your properties’ style. A more modern home can blend with brighter colours, where a period house will lend itself to more neutral tones.

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