Published On: Mon, Jun 24th, 2019

Exciting new products released at FIT Show by Panoramic

The company’s first FIT Show under the guise of Panoramic Group (although 3rd with Panoramic Doors) confirmed its almost obsessive commitment to launching new products that must bring something innovative to the market. Best known for its increasingly popular Panoramic slide and swing alternative to the conventional bi-fold, the firm confirmed its development of a portfolio of additional products with the introduction of new windows in PVC-U and aluminium; a PVC-U version of the Panoramic door; and what the company has now dubbed ‘the ultimate patio door upsell item’ with its Ascena Flyscreen. 

Although difficult to single out any one product, Panoramic’s new PVC-U Flush ‘Hidden Sash’ window in anthracite attracted a great deal of attention. Equal sightlines and a sash that emerges only when opened, complemented by polished, invisible welds and recessed, pop up hardware, combine to promote a window that has exceptional, minimalist aesthetics. 

The company’s glass processing division Panoglass with an adjacent stand, also demonstrated its Panoramic DNA with the launch of in-unit floating blinds. Floating? In one of those ‘why didn’t anyone else think of this’ moments Panoglass asked why in-unit blinds needed to be fixed, typically, to the top of the unit. Panoglass blinds float freely within the unit to allow shade exactly where it is needed, whilst also allowing maximum light in if required. And apparently they are excellent value for money too, offering greater potential as add on sales. 

Panoglass also made a considerable impact with the announcement of the company’s switchable, electrochromic glass.  Whilst this product breaks Panoramic Group’s commitment to product innovation per se, Panoglass Switchable glass nonetheless does so in terms of price: the published price of £250 per m2 including electronics, is up to 65% cheaper than other available brands. The effect of this, as with the company’s in-unit blinds, will be to significantly broaden the market, thus bringing the technology within the reach of thousands more customers.

That Panoramic knows how to produce and move products with exceptional homeowner appeal is evidenced by the huge sales of the company’s original product, the slide and swing door. With more than 10,000 sales in just five years in the UK, more than 260,000 Panoramic doors have been sold world-wide; in the United States, Panoramic is the #3 best selling bi-folding door brand. On the evidence of this year’s FIT Show, that success will spread to its other products.