Published On: Thu, Feb 24th, 2022

2022 to define window and door design

This year the design of windows and doors will be scrutinised more than ever with the introduction of new building regulations. But colour, hardware and importantly sustainability will have an impact too as Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager of The Residence Collection, points out.

Given the nature of challenges faced by businesses last year it’s understandable that the impending changes to building regulations have received little airtime, after all we’ve been buried in supply chain disruptions, accelerated consumer demand, Brexit and of course the personal challenges of Covid-19. But the new building regulations are now just a matter of months away and while the new u-value requirements for the replacement sector are tight, they will be tighter still for new housing and that should give an indication in which direction the industry is heading. Some have even mooted the Passivhaus standard of 0.8 (W/m2K) in the years to come as the government looks to help tackle climate change, despite the diluted COP26 agreement late on last year.

Over the years the industry has moved from a 60mm system to 70mm, but deeper profiles are inevitable as we can see in Europe where 75-80mm are relatively standard, along with higher performing systems of 85-90mm. R7 was designed to be a window and door system for all, boasting a number of design features and unique colour combinations to market.

All Residence systems can achieve a U-value of 1.2 (W/m2K) with a standard double glazed unit or as low as 0.7 (W/m2K) with triple glazing, where we have dedicated 44mm triple glazing beads in decorative and square. Our seven and nine chambered systems also offer superior acoustic properties. These impressive energy efficiency credentials will serve us well when these regulations change, both now and in the future. With R7 being 75mm front to back this is not only flush outside, but inside too and so our fixation with the outside of a window should perhaps be considered internally, because as homeowners it’s what we see most of. Open an R7 window and you’ll also be greeted with one of seven different coloured rebates which we have carefully chosen to complement the exterior and interior colour combinations that help define R7.

Given the nature of R7, it can accommodate large opening sizes and while the flush inside/out requires tight manufacturing tolerances, this is all part of the product philosophy that we share with our manufacturing partners. The systems within The Residence Collection have been designed from the outset to be carefully made and our training and machinery programme fully reflects this, after all it is a carefully crafted product.

The dual-coloured options which have defined The Residence Collection over recent years will be expanded upon in the coming months, offering consumers, architects and specifiers a further means of differentiation through influential styling. We’ll again be drawing upon our roots in The Cotswolds for the new finishes which will sit alongside the industry-defining Painswick, along with Corse Lawn and Cotswold Biscuit. This is not forgetting The Element Collection, offering an unfoiled matt finish of No. 38 grey, vintage cream and chalk white.

We’re also a business that’s immersed in a sustainability and environmental programme as our zero-landfill achievement last year perfectly shows. We’re also committed to being a zero-carbon based business by 2025 and throughout this year we’ll be sharing our thoughts and process in how we are going to achieve this.

Building regulation changes will be fundamental to the future product platforms in this industry and we’re already ahead of the game with The Residence Collection, including R2, R7 and R9. But while legislation will define the sector, our carbon-zero goals will help define our future directly with manufacturing and installer partners, building specifiers and ultimately the environmentally conscious consumer. 2022 will define window and door design, not just for now but for future generations to come as the impact of new regulations take hold.

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