Published On: Tue, Feb 10th, 2015

Alarm system within a sealed glass unit

A smashing new alarm system is set to transform both the glazing and the security sectors. Windows Active investigates

shutterstock_140831986 compLaunched to huge interest at Glasstec 2014 in Düsseldorf, the GlazeAlarm is a wireless-enabled sensor that can be built into a double or triple-glazed unit at the point of manufacture. It alerts users if their window suffers a blow and, if that window is subsequently broken, the GlazeAlarm triggers a siren and external alarm as well as sending a second alert to the user directly. This second alert can be received via a hand-held control unit or through the use of an app on smart phones, tablets or PCs.

Great news for the British glazing industry, the revolutionary new system was developed by a Suffolk-based private security manager to help counter the numerous incidences of forced entry burglaries that many households across the country fall victim to. As a result, it’s making a big noise in the security arena too. GlazeAlarm – Standalone or integrated, an effective security solution – While the number of burglaries in the country is decreasing year on year, according to ONS statistics from their crime survey for England and Wales, 569,000 households fell to domestic burglary in a dwelling during the year ending June 2014.

The decrease in incidents in recent years coincides with a rise in the proportion of households with security measures in place, and most significantly, the same survey shows that the number of households with window locks in place has increased by 21% since 1995, and those with burglar alarms has also risen by 10%. The GlazeAlarm can be used as a stand-alone security solution or integrated into an existing home security system. One sensor is placed into each glazed unit to be installed at the property. Each sensor communicates directly with a central control unit, and this information can then be relayed to the user’s online account – on their PC or on their smartphone and other tablet devices.

Ian Branagan, GlazeAlarm’s CEO, said: “The GlazeAlarm has been developed to make the management of both domestic and commercial security easier – bringing people the information they need, wherever they are. What’s more, it’s less susceptible to tampering and disablement, and it therefore offers an effective alternative to CCTV, around which the most recent technological advances in domestic security have been focused.” Opportunities in energy management – Adding to its obvious benefit as a security application, the GlazeAlarm also has great potential in the field of energy management, for both residential and commercial customers. The sensor constantly records data on the relative humidity within the glazed unit, a key indicator that the unit may have been compromised. This enables it to send periodical reports on the efficacy of the insulation that the glazing provides. With construction companies being increasingly scrutinised on their energy efficiency, especially within large structural projects, and the requirements for an EPC for the sale of all buildings, including domestic properties, there are significant opportunities for the GlazeAlarm to be applied in this area.

The GlazeAlarm sensor can also be used to monitor damage to windows in high-rise buildings where day-to-day visual checking of glazing is not feasible. GlazeAlarm for manufacturers, distributors and retailers – With differentiation playing a key role in consumer choice when it comes to the glazing they select, the GlazeAlarm is creating a great deal of interest with manufacturers, distributors and retailers, both in the UK and abroad as well. Ian Branagan continued: “The GlazeAlarm is a truly revolutionary new product that underpins our commitment to innovation within the glazing and security industries. It creates a very attractive proposition through additional and differentiated product lines and the interest within the industry was made clear from the sheer volume of visitors to our stand, and their very positive feedback, at Glasstec this year.”

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