Published On: Mon, Jun 20th, 2016

Alumina by Liniar marks another industry first

Alumina by Liniar THIS ONEKnown for being a brand that tends to break the rules when it comes to product development, Liniar astonished visitors to the 2016 FIT Show by revealing its latest innovation – a pure aluminium bi-folding door. ‘Alumina by Liniar’ has been designed and developed by the same team of experts as the Liniar window system – and as you’d expect, it offers superb thermal performance and a host of other features to appeal to the discerning consumer.

The first systems company to launch a bespoke PVC-U bi-folding door system to the market in 2011, Liniar broke new ground with its ModLok™ bi-fold in 2014. The supremely thermally efficient PVC-U bi-fold has become a market leader, combining standard PVC-U fabrication techniques with an industry first patented exo-skeleton, giving the bi-fold doors the technology and strength for bigger and wider door apertures. Now, in response to customer demand, Liniar has created a 100% aluminium bi-fold system designed for heavy duty use, spanning even larger openings and ideal for commercial projects… Alumina by Liniar.

Why aluminium?

Group CEO Roger Hartshorn explains why a PVCu systems company has taken the unusual step in designing a fully aluminium bi-fold system: “During conversations with customers it became clear that there’s a need for aluminium bi-folds for larger and more heavy-duty applications – but there was nothing on the market that exactly matched a window system. This got us thinking – what if there was a way to create a true aluminium door with the same sculptured profile as our window system? What if we could make it the most thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold? And what if we could foil the exterior, so it matched perfectly with PVCu windows? Finally, we wanted our customers to be able to manufacture it using traditional techniques and machinery, so that was an important criteria.”

“We did look at multi-material clad hybrid doors – however our feedback showed there are inherent problems with this type of bi-fold. Not only do they require specialist machinery and set-up costs, they can be extremely difficult to fabricate. Furthermore, the warmth of the PVC-U is hidden away inside the profile so it’s difficult for consumers to see the benefits of such a system. A true aluminium bi-fold was the answer.”

Designed from scratch

With these objectives in mind, the Liniar design team embarked on a project to create the first thermally efficient aluminium bi-fold to match a PVCu window system. Led by Chris Armes, the team’s results are clear – Alumina by Liniar breaks new ground with superb strength, high security, low U-values, sculptured lines and an optional foiled exterior. Feedback at the FIT Show was superb, with visitors flocking to be amongst the first to offer Alumina to their customers when it officially launches in July. With a product that’s been kept tightly under wraps until its launch at the show, Liniar becomes the first systems company to offer a complete suite of fully matching products for any home.

Supply chain already in place

Able to span 1.2 metres wide per sash and 2.5 metres high, Alumina by Liniar can be manufactured using standard aluminium machinery by fabricators who are equipped for it.  For customers who aren’t in a position to manufacture it themselves, or would prefer to buy it prefabricated, Liniar has set up its own supply chain – simply place an order direct with Liniar and our team will make the doors to your exact specifications.

Warm touch exterior

Aluminium doors are considered sleek, strong, smooth and beautiful, yet can often feel cold – Alumina by Liniar sets the record straight with an optional ‘warm touch’ foiled exterior. Like other aluminium bi-folds, Alumina by Liniar can be offered in just about any powder-coated colour you can imagine. But what makes Alumina different is that consumers can choose a beautiful wood grain or flat foiled finish for their doors – perfectly matching their Liniar PVC-U windows for a more energy efficient home.

Fully sculptured to match

Alumina is the only fully sculptured (curved) aluminium bi-fold door on the market – so not only will consumers be able to choose Alumina doors that match the exact colour of Liniar sculptured PVC-U windows, they will also be the same shape – providing a seamless finish.

Thermally efficient aluminium?

The Liniar PVC-U range is renowned for its energy efficiency and Alumina is no different. Pushing the boundaries of thermal performance, the team has created a system designed with tomorrow’s thermal performance requirements in mind, a feature not usually compatible with traditional aluminium windows or doors.

Innovative thermal lock

An area where heat can be lost from the home is through the lock, as it’s difficult to maintain a thermal break in this area. Alumina has been designed from scratch with a combined lock and thermal insert. This innovative lock unites the ultimate specification of security with a high strength engineering polymer lock body – so the lock itself acts as a thermal break, boosting the door’s thermal performance compared to a traditional aluminium door.

Low U-values

With 28mm double glazed and 36mm or 40mm triple glazed options available, Alumina offers ‘true’ U-values as low as 1.2W/m²k, thanks to the innovative thermal lock and 40mm triple glazed unit.

High security

Alumina ensures the highest security for homeowners with a suite of hardware following the same principles as the Liniar ModLok™ bi-fold system, including multiple bi-directional locking points, shootbolts that secure firmly into the track, built-in anti-lift features and anti-bump cylinders. For additional peace of mind, Alumina obtained PAS 24 accreditation and has been awarded Secured by Design status at the first attempt.

Threshold options

All Alumina bi-folding doors are available with three threshold options, for the ultimate in choice. The rebated aluminium frame runs seamlessly around to form a weathertight threshold, and the doors are supplied with this as standard. Liniar’s optional aluminium low threshold requires no trench excavation to install, and is just 23.5mm at its highest point. When Liniar’s low threshold tray is added, the whole entrance becomes Part M compliant.

Bottom rolling

Easy to open and close, Alumina bi-folds move smoothly and effortlessly along a sleek stainless steel track and are ‘bottom rolling’, not top-hung – meaning no extra stresses are placed on the building’s lintel.

Attention to detail

PVC-U beads are offered with Alumina, making the door panes a dream to glaze. And with innovative features including folding keys, ergonomic handles, hidden fixings for hinges and discreet magnets, the attention to detail is what makes an Alumina bi-folding door ‘best in class’.

Visitor reaction

The Alumina bi-fold proved to be a major draw to visitors at the FIT Show and the reaction was unsurprisingly positive. Kevin Richards, Managing Director of Senator Windows, was one of many to be impressed. “Wow! The Liniar team have done it once again with the Alumina bi-folding door – outstanding strength, security and thermally efficiency in one aluminium bi-fold. The fact that it’s the first of its kind to be sculptured and foiled makes it an industry first. Our customers are going to love it!”

Jeff Walsh, MD of Pearl commented: “Intelligent thinking is what makes Liniar different to other systems companies – and the Alumina door is amazingly beautiful. A perfect match to all your Liniar products, with a twist… we can’t wait for July!”

Roger concludes: “We’ve always had a strong sense of loyalty to, and from, our fabricators. Alumina by Liniar will be exclusively available to Liniar customers, giving them the option of offering a full and matching suite of beautifully coloured products to consumers. Alumina doors will be manufactured in-house and by selected Liniar fabricators, using Liniar’s normal delivery channels. This means we can deliver shorter lead times than other suppliers – making it easy for Liniar fabricators to offer a fully matching aluminium bi-fold.”

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