Published On: Tue, Mar 21st, 2017

Attention all commercial installers! Astraseal launches Approved Commercial Installer Network – ACIN

PR049 - Astraseal sales & marketing manager Zac NedimovicWellingborough-based Astraseal has established itself as a leading trade fabricator over decades of quality work, winning recognition for its commitment to customer support that goes above and beyond the call of duty – and recent years have also seen the booming business significantly ramp up its commercial activities.

Astraseal enters 2017 with a significant amount of commercial enquiries. Widely respected for its diligence, knowledge, and ability to reliably deliver on time and on budget, the firm has secured big contracts with housebuilders and other developers all around the country. Now, it’s looking for experienced, proactive installers capable of servicing projects ranging from £50k – £500k to become part of its new Approved Commercial Installer Network.

Astraseal sales & marketing manager Zac Nedimovic commented: “Our commercial services are more popular than ever, and that’s obviously fantastic – it goes to show how much the commercial sector appreciates our commitment to quality, customer service, and a track record of completing complex projects on time and on budget.”

“Our success commercially has resulted in our products being specified more than ever. Today, we’re receiving more and more projects to tender in areas we don’t normally operate in – and that’s where our new Approved Commercial Installer Network comes in.”

“The proposition is simple. We will provide our Approved Installer with commercial leads. We’ll do all the preparation work and organisation ourselves. My Business Development Managers will sort through tenders, contact the developer, work out all the specifications, draw up a quote and provide our ACIN with the supply element of the project – and all you have to do as an Approved Installer is complete the tender with your installation costs, submit it to the client, and my team will help close the sale with you. One thing we want to make clear is that at no stage will we ask ACIN members to switch to us as their suppliers for their day to day work.”

The ACIN has been designed to deliver five key benefits, as Zac explains. “Firstly, our approved installers will get access to commercial discount rates on all products supplied through the network. Second, they’ll get access to commercial discounts through all products purchased through Eurocell branches nationwide. Third, they’ll get paid for skip facilities available for each project. Fourth, they’ll get access to Astraseal’s industry-renowned technical expertise, including support from surveyors, installation managers, and obviously the backing of the BDM team to help win the business. And finally, and perhaps most valuably of all – projects and orders delivered to you with much of the hard work already processed.”

Joining the network is simple. Interested installers can register their interest at or by calling 01933 227233 and asking for the commercial BDM team. “We’ll ask you a few quick questions and fill in a couple of forms, but then you’re in – and the tenders will soon start finding their way to you. We look forward to welcoming you into the network!”

Astraseal offer one of the most extensive service and product portfolios in the industry, including the full range of REHAU windows and doors, Synseal inline sliders and vertical sliders, and Global conservatory roofs, as well as Eurocell’s Modus and Skypod systems. On the aluminium front, the company provides windows, doors, curtain walling and shop fronts using the Smarts and Reynaers profile. All products are manufactured in the fabricator’s 110,000 square foot facility in Wellingborough.

For more information call Astraseal on 01933 227233 or visit