Published On: Thu, Jun 24th, 2021

Beyond Surface Solutions launches Zebra-Coat anti-viral PVC-U paint

Coatings and refinishing supplier Beyond Surface Solutions (BSS) has launched the very first anti-viral PVC-U paint called Zebra-Coat to the windows and doors market. The first of its kind, this PVC-U paint has been specially formulated for use in industry and manufacturing. It’s a hard-wearing, fast-drying and cost-effective alternative to foils. The directors at BSS, Paul and Steve O’Reilly saw a gap in the market for a product of this type which is not only an excellent PVC-U paint but that can also include an anti-viral coating option.

 Steve, Business Development Director at BSS said: “We’ve been working tirelessly for the past year to develop a brand-new PVC-U paint that is high-quality, good value, long lasting and quick drying, as there isn’t currently one of its kind available on the market. Our Zebra-Coat will help manufacturers and even painters and decorators complete their projects quicker, without issue and to a high standard. We’re excited to launch Zebra-Coat to the market and there is definitely a need for a PVC-U paint of its type.”

 Not satisfied with creating an industry-leading PVC-U paint in itself, the team also partnered with a specialist company to offer the UK’s first truly anti-viral coating option which can be added to the paint. Steve added: “We work with an exclusive producer of the anti-viral and anti-microbial coatings which has developed the first, genuinely effective, anti-viral solution which can be incorporated into our PVC-U paint. The PVC-U paint dries within 15 minutes meaning the job can be completed faster. This coupled with the option to include the anti-viral additive will revolutionise the painting process for manufacturers.”

BSS is so confident in the product, the PVC-U paint comes with a 10-year warrantee for manufacturers and the anti-viral and anti-bacterial coating gives lifetime protection. When the additive is added it is dispersed throughout the entire coating, becoming an integral part of the surface coating. The active agent is non-leaching which means it stays within the applied coating and doesn’t come to the surface. The controlled release of the active ingredient works 24/7 to maximise protection. 

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