Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

Bringing light into living with Kestrel

Two new innovative rooflight products from Kestrel Aluminium have been designed to focus on ‘bringing light into living’

Kestrel Aluminium Systems have been designing quality architectural products that enhance living spaces since 1989 with the customer remaining at the heart of everything they do. Nearly thirty years later the Aston-based company are continuing to expand their product portfolio with the introduction of two new innovative products; a flat rooflight system and a lantern rooflight system, both designed with the end user in mind. These carefully created systems will create an airy space flooding light into every corner of a home using elegant and aesthetically pleasing designs.

The customer-centric company believes that no home is complete without a free-flowing stream of natural light to help brighten up even the darkest day. The Kestrel Aluminium Systems’ Flat Rooflight System will flood the space below with natural light all year round creating a contemporary living space complementing and adding value to any home. This innovative and practical made-to-measure rooflight is available in three different designs; Fixed, Ventilation or Egress. The system has been carefully crafted so that it stands out from the rest of the competition with our unique design; it has been designed to allow glass to be removed in the event of double-glazed unit failure. By using a removable PVC-U cassette to which the glass is bonded, it is mechanically fixed to the frame, therefore only the cassette will need replacing in the event of glass replacement.

The Fixed version is available in two options; Standard and Walk-On, whilst the Ventilation version opens up to 360mm enabling air to filter through, or if you require alternative means of egress for maintenance purposes the Egress version opens up to a 70° angle allowing access to the rooftop. This fabricator-friendly Flat Rooflight System offers dual powder-coating options as well as being built bespoke to the size of the glass required. Once installed, the secure rooflight maximises natural light providing an elegant appeal to any home, office, school or hotel whilst offering additional ventilation. Following the recent successful launch of Kestrel Aluminium Systems’ Flat Rooflight, the company are continuing to roll out their new product development portfolio, with their latest addition aimed at truly bringing light into living. The new Lantern Rooflight System is both stylish and practical, and is designed to meet the needs of the modern home using environmentally friendly materials delivering superior aesthetics.

The innovative and practical lantern rooflight has been designed to be fabricator friendly with the absence of compound mitre cuts as a result of the fixed pitches. The thermally efficient system has been created to be aesthetically pleasing with fuss-free low-line ridges and round-edged glazing bars to create a softer and more contemporary appearance. The secure lantern rooflight provides an elegant appeal to any home, orangery or extension whilst enhancing the owners’ lifestyle. The corner joints are performed with mechanical cleats with the aid of punch tooling to each of the corners of the lantern rooflight.

The jointing system makes site assembly possible meaning transportation and manual handling of the materials onto the roof become easier. Additionally, the eaves’ profiles are designed with a render stop, allowing internal finishes to be brought up to the underside of the lantern rooflight to provide a neat slick finish. The hip bars and glazing bars are supplied pre-machined to fit neatly against the eaves profiles. Only one cut is required to achieve the correct bar length before the assembly of each hip/glazing bar reducing fabrication time. Simply enjoy the warmth of the sun or gaze up at the stars at night. It’s time to open up your mind to a brighter way of living all year around. If that was not enough, due to their onsite powder-coating facility, Kestrel Aluminium Systems boast enviable lead times of only 3-5 days, yes you read that right..days not weeks! To become, or find a Kestrel Aluminium Fabricator, request a brochure or find out more about Kestrel Aluminium Systems call 0121 333 5335 or email