Published On: Tue, Jul 17th, 2018

CiiLOCK Engineering – the home of Innovation

Whether it is for PVC-U, aluminium, timber or composite, CiiLOCK embraces the challenge to provide innovative hardware solutions

CiiLOCK Engineering UK is a part of the international CiiLOCK Engineering group with Headquarters based in Australia. CiiLOCK UK was established in 2013 to generate innovative solutions for the building, transport and furniture industries in both the UK and Europe. Using a dynamic team of forward thinking mechanical designers, this creative team have the capacity to not only solve problems and revolutionise industries, but convert these solutions into commercially viable products. From off-the-shelf items to highly unique and custom engineered products, the CiiLOCK team have your needs covered. Our design capacity, industry leading development and manufacturing process are the key to our success. We are continually developing new products to both challenge the industry and push hardware limitations to new heights.

Standard and custom components

We offer a variety of standard and custom components which include a wide range of precision bearing rollers, hinges, locks, plastic moulded parts and various architectural components. Our products are supplied globally, designed and manufactured under strict quality control to meet the most stringent international standards. Working with a dedicated team of sales engineers, CiiLOCK does what very few companies can – solving customers requirements using highly creative engineering principles, while offering a commercially viable manufacturing solution via their own production facilities. Simply put, turn your dreams, wants and desires into saleable products. The success of these attitudes is now seen with products dedicated to UK and European markets for PVC-U, aluminium and composite systems. CiiLOCK has a number of flagship products. Key to the innovation success is:

The Mother of All Rollers – Sliding Door Systems – The evolution of roller systems continues to progress at lightning speed. From initial requirements for a roller to move a small sliding panel, demands have progressed to move bigger and heavier panels and multi stack systems. CiiLOCK predicted the trend many years ago and broke away from the traditional ‘seesaw’ system of rollers to pioneer the highly creative and forward thinking ‘Mother of All Rollers’ system based on the engineering principles found in the ancient Roman Arches. CiiLOCK again changed the game with the introduction of the three wheel self aligning ‘Mother of All Rollers’ system which continues to capture the imagination of system designers and fabricators alike with the ability to carry up to 300kg panels.

High performance sliding doors – The next exciting step is the introduction of the next major leap forward in high performance sliding doors; FIVE by Mother of All Rollers. This new 5 wheel roller technology distributes panel loads over 10 points of contact along the track allowing for easy rolling of heavy panels. Designed for a global market, this latest technology is available to suit most residential and commercial building projects. The technology at the heart of this system allows adaption for CiiLOCK to create many custom solutions to fit System Designers requirements. Unshackling the traditional industry constraints, FIVE by Mother of All Rollers, is an ideal solution for any high-performance or heavy-duty application where only the best will do!

Material gains

Whether it is PVC-U, aluminium, timber or composite, CiiLOCK’s teams embrace the challenge to take dreams, wants and desires and turn them into reality. We continue to look forward to and embrace consumers demand for more. This is the DNA that drives CiiLOCK to create the innovation that delivers. Our dedicated team are here to help – to find out more about CiiLOCK’s innovative products.

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