Published On: Mon, May 20th, 2024

Composite door suppliers gather to discuss PAS 24:2022 proposed changes

The Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM) recently held a member meeting to call attention to proposed amendments to the PAS 24:2022 standard, set to be published in Summer 2024. A Draft for Public Comment (DPC) will be issued towards the end of March 2024 with an eight-week response period. The amendments proposed in this 2024 draft concern the clarification of some testing procedures for test houses, no changes to the requirements just clarification in some cases and an addition to tool kit used by locksmiths to assess the vulnerability of some Euro-cylinders to a new Modus Operandum (MO) when attempting to snap the cylinder to gain access to a property.

The meeting also discussed completing the R&D required to replace the current manual cutting test with a repeatable mechanical test that would remove a possible significant variation during current testing due to the testers body skill level, size and weight.

The meeting also considered the consultation issued by Government in December 2023 on the Future Homes Standard (FHS) for England. One key concern is the method for calculating actual dwelling performance relating to fenestration products and the complexity and cost of providing clients with U-vales based on actual sizes and configurations rather than the current method of using a U-value based on a standard size Dorr or window. The discrepancy in notional values between pedestrian doorsets and windows was also raised and it was questioned why a pedestrian doorset should have a U-value 0.2 lower than windows given the significantly lower percentage that a pedestrian doorset is of the total external fenestration area than the windows installed.

During discussions, other critical issues affecting the composite door industry were discussed, including the Fire Resistance and Smoke Control Extended Application standard for Composite Fire Doors, revision of BS 8214 to incorporate Composite Fire Doors, and updates on Approved Documents. There was also consideration of potential changes to European Construction Products Regulations and their impact on current UK standards.

The ACDM meeting highlighted the industry’s commitment to excellence and accountability. With deliberations on security, revisions to Approved Documents L and Q, and updates on regulations, the importance of staying informed and engaged in shaping the sector’s future was underscored.

ACDM, serving as a collaborative platform, positions its members to navigate upcoming changes effectively, contribute to a safer built environment, and influence government policies affecting the industry.

The Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM) was established in 2002 to support manufacturers and suppliers of composite pedestrian doorsets. This type of door has become popular for use in homes. The ACDM provides technical assistance to its members and represents their interests to government and standards organisations. The ACDM developed British Standard (BS 8529) for composite doorsets that outlines performance characteristics and testing methods for factors like thermal performance, security, and fire resistance. This standard helps the composite door industry and those specifying doors to comply with building regulations in the UK.