Published On: Mon, Sep 29th, 2014

DDP and Konig UK have the magic touch

DDP_konig_groupDecorative Door Products (DDP) by RegaLead is to announce a partnership with Konig-UK in order to offer a number of repair and touch up solutions for the popular DoorColour range.

With interest at a high for the specialist colour offering, the company has worked hard to ensure there is a solution to meet every need, including the right ancillary products, as Guy Hubble, Joint Managing Director at RegaLead explains: “We put a lot of research and effort into creating the shades in the DoorColour range, but that was just the beginning. Creating the complete solution requires a full package including marketing, swatches and – because no matter how good the paint system, if an accident happens, the paintwork can get damaged – repair products.

As the market leading touch up supplier, we had no hesitation in approaching Konig UK, and have worked closely with them to create colour matches for our DoorColour range in pen, wax and spray form. So those famous yellow cans now come complete with 24 new colours inside and as you would expect from a RegaLead solution, this is backed by full support at every step of the way.”

Konig’s Mark Spacey comments: “As specialists in touch up and repair for a host of different sectors we recognised that the composite market has been growing rapidly over the last two years, and we have been at the forefront, making sure people have the right products for the job.

“It was great to see DDP be so proactive in ensuring they could supply the right ancillary products for their range. We started working with them earlier this year, but we already knew that they had a good reputation in the market. For us, there is not a one size fits all solution, instead, we should ensure we educate customers in using the right product for the right damage. Decorative Door Products is likeminded in this approach and we are happy to collaborate with them to provide our customers with a solution to fit their individual needs.”