Published On: Fri, Sep 11th, 2015

Deceuninck launches ‘best-in-class’ Fully Reversible Window



Deceuninck has launched its all new Fully Reversible Window (FRW). It is best-in-class for weather and thermal performance. But Deceuninck has also designed its FRW to make it easier for installers, fabricators and specifiers.

“Deceuninck’s new FRW sets new standards in weather performance and U-values, and its security is as good as it gets,” says Rob McGlennon, Deceuninck Sales Director. “In fact, we designed it to blow other FRWs out of the water. It significantly improves performance across the board, and has many other benefits for installers, fabricators and specifiers.”

Deceuninck’s FRW achieves PAS24 for security and top weather performance with Class A4, 600Pa air permeability, class 9A, E1050Pa water tightness and Class A5 AE2400Pa wind loading. So it doesn’t whistle in the wind or leak in stormy weather. It also achieves 1.3 U-value double glazed, and outstanding 1.0 U-value triple glazed using Deceuninck’s patented BlueForce steel-wire foam technology. With up to 1.4m x 1.4m size maximum and an 80kg weight limit, it is perfect for use in modern buildings with large window apertures.

“Our new FRW is built for the real world,” continues Rob. “The extra screw fixing and lug fixing options mean the fitting doesn’t interrupt the rotation of the window. It also moves the fitting position away from the gearing making it quicker and easier to install. So, no more drilling through reinforcement. The high weight and size limits and top technical performance mean specifiers know they can get a product which covers all their project’s criteria. And with two hardware options, Peder Nielson or Yale, fabricators and specifiers can choose the hardware they like.”

“We’ve made it easy for our fabricators to start making and selling the FRW,” adds Roy Frost, Deceuninck Managing Director. “It uses existing ancillaries and couplers, so fabricators don’t need lots of new stock, which makes supplying our FRW quick and convenient with no downtime or delays.”

To find out more about Deceuninck’s new FRW, or more about its commercial products, call Rob McGlennon now on 07818 383385. Follow @DeceuninckUK and visit