Published On: Fri, Feb 13th, 2015

Fear not and double your profits on composite door sales?

Family Sitting on StepsFor most aspiring businessmen or women there will likely be one or even a number of notable entrepreneurs of celebrity like status who they would aspire to emulate or even indulge themselves that they share similar characteristics and traits to. From across the pond the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have certainly inspired many and of course our own home grown talent such as publishing guru Felix Dennis and Richard Branson have unlocked the key to business success and huge personal fortune.  On a relative scale we will know the successful entrepreneurs in our own industry that litter the pages of our Trade Press with broad smiles and most likely collecting another business award of one sort or another.

So how did they get so lucky?  Many businessmen labour endlessly in the pursuit of such a holy grail of success yet it will elude most of us. Successful entrepreneurs have now been far more forthcoming in sharing their secrets through a wealth of biographical and get rich books and all for just a few more coffers to bloat their already exploding bank accounts.  However, surely such people of the highest pedigree know about the knack of success and making money and can share this all to us lesser mortals for merely the cost of a hardback book?  Certainly there appears to be some key characteristics highlighted in such works that are shared by this group of business tycoons.

Most noticeable:

  • An awe inspiring belief and desire to achieve at absolutely all costs, even often to the detriment of their personal relationships and even their own health.
  • A Trojan like ability to never give up in the face of adversity and any non believers that may surround them.
  • A fearless pursuit of success with a willingness to take risks even when they have already amassed wealth that would make most of our eyes water.

It would be a dull world if we all desired to be the same and besides we may find it hard to get good friendly service in a restaurant or nursing when we were unwell if we were all busy with great plans to amass personal wealth. However, this is a Trade magazine and it is probably fair to assume that either shareholders or new breeds of venture capitalists take the subject of making money extremely seriously. Indeed many have taken the oath to endeavour to achieve such success by virtue of the very role that they hold.

It is the belief of many that most commonly it is fear that keeps people stuck and gets in the way of such aspirations. If a business is going well why risk more to make it bigger? If a business has static sales or is positioned in a declining market partners will often cling on for dear life to the bitter end until it chokes its last breath as they were too fearful to make radical changes sooner.

Our business is the sale of decorative glass specifically for composite doors.  This market is growing at an encouraging rate with the huge success of the GRP entrance door.  We have a simple promise for the fearless business owners wanting to increase their share of the pie:

‘We can save you up to 50% on your decorative glazing for composite doors, on all glass styles including triple glazing, support your marketing with stunning photography and even produce bespoke brochures on your behalf. We can make your composite doors far more profitable and who wouldn’t want that?’

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