Published On: Tue, Jul 15th, 2014

First Class Frames seals it with Modus®

£3million investment in a ‘clean sheet of paper’ design results in no fewer than five industry-firsts for manufacturer Eurocell

Modus editedDifferentiation and desirability to consumers and end users are key ingredients for successful products. Combine that with significant production efficiencies and you’ve got the scope to really change the game in the window and doors sector. The announcement of the new Modus® window and door system by Eurocell is a case in point. The UK’s first fully integrated 75mm PVC-U window and door system, Modus is the culmination of a £3million investment in a ‘clean sheet of paper’ design that has resulted in no fewer than five UK industry-firsts.

In terms of aesthetics, the Modus® fully flush sash offers a true aesthetic rival to timber windows, whilst offering equal or better sustainability credentials. Likewise, within the commercial sector, the Modus® slim rebate sash option provides a contemporary architectural aesthetic for customers seeking better value than aluminium products. Even the standard sash has been designed to offer superior aesthetics to current PVC-U systems available. When it comes to performance, Modus® achieves optimum energy efficiency mainly because it is the UK’s first 75mm multi-chamber PVC-U profile. This design enables a Modus window to achieve a u-value as low as 0.7 from a standard argon gas-filled triple-glazed unit, without the need for expensive, esoteric-specification glazing units.

Calculations show that this can help fabricators reduce glazing costs, a significant development considering that the glazing unit is the most costly element of a window. Alongside this, the 44mm bead profile is designed so a triple-glazed unit avoids any overhang – thereby solving an ongoing issue with many PVC-U systems. Being fully integrated means that it can be used for standard, slim rebate and flush sash casement windows, reversible windows, tilt & turn windows, entrance doors and french doors – in fact it allows eight product types to be made from a single system! This ultimately feeds through to significant savings in stockholding and production efficiencies for fabricators. With so many compelling benefits on offer, it was a relatively straightforward decision for Coventry-based First Class Frames to add Modus to its product offer.

“Quite simply, as soon as we saw Modus we thought that it was right for our business,” so said Peter Veal, Director at First Class Frames, who with co-director Lee Hoggins, has taken the decision to incorporate Modus into their portfolio after looking at ways to drive their business forward. “Why wouldn’t we add Modus to our offer as it is something that is genuinely new within our industry, both in terms of looks and performance?” added Peter. “We see significant opportunities for targeting new business.” With the help of the technical team at Eurocell, First Class Frames has just completed tooling set up, including full integration of the saw centres with its IT programs.

Lee explained: “Setting up a production unit was very straightforward as we had a huge amount of help and support from Eurocell. Our production team was pleasantly surprised when they realised that Modus requires far fewer profiles than other systems and for us as a business that translates to considerable less stockholding and freeing up of working capital.”

Based on initial response from its customers, First Class Frames sees huge potential going forward and is currently looking at investing in another saw centre line. Peter added, “Combined with its aesthetic appeal and massive colour range, Modus gives our trade customers exactly what they need to take their businesses forward into new areas.”

First Class Frames has already received a significant number of live project enquiries, including one from a Midlands-based developer of eco-houses. After viewing Modus, the developer immediately chose the flush sash option for his own ‘green’ home that is currently under construction.

“Being available with 50 per cent post-consumer recycled content as standard, or 100 per cent as an option, means that it addresses the sustainable requirements of specifiers on larger contracts as well as green-minded homeowners,” said Peter. “We also liked the fact that it is backed by the reassurance of a 12-year guarantee – more than any other system.” (Terms and conditions apply) Feedback so far indicates that this innovative new profile system has the ingredients to be a game changer within the industry, so watch this space!


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