Published On: Wed, Jan 13th, 2016

Flexible disposable glass corner protectors for processed glass

BohleBlueCornerProtectorsGlassBohle has launched a new and flexible disposable glass corner protector delivering enhanced product protection for processed glass. Suitable for use with 8mm and 10mm glass, the Bohle Blue Corner Protector is manufactured from a specially developed plastic compound designed to absorb energy without cracking.

Performance is further enhanced through the use of a textured surface designed to dissipate the energy of impact, while innovative impact-absorbing inserts deliver additional protection. Dave Broxton, Managing Director, Bohle, said: “The compound the Bohle Blue Corner Protector is moulded from has been developed to strike exactly the right balance between rigidity, to prevent perforation and the flexibility needed to dispel the energy created by impact.

“We have been able to enhance its impact-absorbing performance further by creating a dimpled surface texture that allows energy to be dispelled more efficiently than a flat surface and through the use of internal fillets, which collapse in on themselves to protect the glass from damage.”

Bohle developed the Blue Corner Protector in response to customer demand for a disposable but enhanced performance, corner protector for use with higher value and in particular, processed glass, manufacturing the prototype following a five-month research and development programme.

“This is a mid-range product,” continued Dave. “We see it being used with processed products, which have already been drilled, tempered, or sand blasted. It’s much more robust than a standard offer corner protector but is being released at a price point, which means that it remains a disposable item.

“This enhanced performance and the fact that the Bohle Blue Corner Protector can be used with both 8mm and 10mm glass, will deliver significant savings to glass processors,” he added. The Blue Corner Protector is available in boxes of 100 or bags of 1,000.

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