Published On: Fri, Sep 17th, 2021

High rise solution from Epwin Window Systems

Replacing windows on high rise blocks is typically an expensive, time-consuming operation with plenty of scheduling challenges. But with Optima and Elite 70 commercial windows from Epwin Window Systems, it’s a different story. 

Lance Clarry, Head of Specification Sales at Epwin Window Systems, explains: “Both our Optima and Elite 70 window systems can be installed internally without the need for scaffolding, whatever the window style. It opens up a new world of opportunities for commercial contractors and their respective clients.”

The internal installation means councils and housing associations don’t have to factor the cost of scaffolding into the replacement budget, which frees up funds to spend elsewhere. Windows can be replaced in phases rather than all at once, which helps manage costs. It also means windows can be replaced as a standalone project without having to complete other external works first, solving scheduling concerns by taking window replacement off the critical path.

Lance comments: “Internal installation gives our commercial contractors a huge competitive advantage because the cost savings are significant. It helps councils and housing associations make savings and reduce costs while still maintaining their property portfolio.”

Both the Optima and Elite 70 window systems can be installed internally on virtually any existing framework. On each project, an experienced Specification Manager from Epwin Window Systems visits the site and works with the client’s team to design the right solution for the project.  

The solution has already been tried and tested throughout the UK. Optima and Elite 70 windows have been used to replace 2,500 windows across four tower blocks in Bristol and 15,000 windows across 37 tower blocks in Solihull. Both projects had a 100% operational and performance rate and 100% resident satisfaction.

Epwin Window Systems has a proven track record of working with housing associations and other public and private sector organisations. It provides a complete end-to-end commercial service that includes everything from technical calculations and drawings to resident liaison.  Its Approved Commercial Manufacturers scheme is recognised and requested by specifiers, giving businesses powerful credibility in the commercial arena – something that’s enhanced even more by this latest high-rise solution.