Published On: Mon, Mar 7th, 2016

Slimline Imago lift & slide doors available ready-made to installers

Imago now available as trade sell productTimber Imago Lift & Slide doors from AGB Hardware are now available as a ready-made, trade-sell product direct to installation companies, reinforcing the growing popularity of this innovative system for panoramic glazed doors. Imago is becoming the lift and slide door of choice for architects, who cite its slimline profile, clever Italian engineering, unbroken views and cost savings over other glazed sliding doors as reasons to specify it as an essential lifestyle product. Now AGB Hardware is working with selected joineries in its Imago Points network to bring ready-made Imago Lift & Slide doors to the installation market. “This is a superb diversification product for installers who are looking to bring real innovation in wide-span timber doors to their customers,” explains Marco Zen, UK and Ireland Sales Manager of AGB Hardware. “Imago is simple to install and brings exceptional aesthetics to any home.”

The Imago system works with low-profile timber frames as slender as just 2cm. The light-touch, lift and slide mechanism is incorporated discreetly, allowing Imago to open up spectacular views without visual intrusion. The result represents an appealing timber alternative to traditional bi-fold doors – an expansive panoramic glazed door that offers an uninterrupted view, brings light into a property and ensures seamless continuity between the inside and outside of the home. Architects using Imago have reported up to 40% cost savings on the total glazed area, compared to aluminium systems. This is due to the simplicity of installation that can be achieved with Imago. Several Imago Points are now set to manufacture and supply Imago Lift & Slide doors direct to installers – glazed or unglazed, according to preference.

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