Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, 2017

Increasing range of pet doors for glass applications from Pet-Tek

Pet-Tek, manufacturer of high quality pet doors is investing further resource into the UK glass and glazing industry following increased success with new product lines. Since 1999 Pet-Tek has put problem solving and product development at the heart of its business. In 2017 Pet-Tek will be developing new and innovative pet door products, specifically designed for glass door applications. Pet-Tek has a large variety of pet doors to suit a range of applications, door styles and sizes, whether it is to be installed on a door, a wall or glass. All pet sizes are catered for, from small to large. Pet-Tek cat and dog doors are extremely simple to install, they look attractive and provide added value on project installations for glass door installing businesses. Homeowners appreciate the products because of the sleek ‘minimal design’ that eliminates messy-looking doors and the functional and security benefits of the pet doors.

The Pet-Tek range of resilient polycarbonate construction cat doors and dog doors help eliminate problems commonly associated with pet doors, such as broken flaps and locking dials, rusting screws, too small a flap for the average cat, whilst maintaining focus of product appeal and reliability. All Pet-Tek products feature weather seals to eliminate draughts and quiet closing with a smooth quiet open/close action. The pet flaps also feature a four-way locking system (in, out, in/out, and locked) to control pet access. All Pet-Tek products have a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Unwanted pets are a common concern amongst pet owners, to alleviate the risk of animals intruding into homes, Pet-Tek developed the multi-magnetic pet door. The multi-magnetic doors have an opening system that helps to keep stray cats from entering the home. A small magnet is attached to the cat’s collar, which activates the multi-magnets that operate the opening latch to allow pet entry.

Once the pet has entered, the system will automatically close the latch, helping to prevent entry by stray cats. The multi-magnetic doors have a similar action to that of the electromagnetic doors. However, the Pet-Tek multi-magnetic cat door does not require batteries, meaning the pet will not be locked out due to battery failure. Purchasing a Pet-Tek pet door is as easy, contact us via email so we can put you on to the right people. We have suppliers and installers throughout the UK who can provide a quote for the cat door or dog door and the installation, including your glass requirements.