Published On: Thu, Jun 24th, 2021

Investing in the new for the old windows

CNC Recycling has welcomed the recent positive press and articles with regards to the future of window recycling within the fenestration industry

The industry which has always been at the forefront of plastics recycling has further recognised the positive attributes of recycled PVC-U in recent years with the major profile houses all having made significant investments in superb, state of the art recycling facilities. The message is consistent, loud and clear that PVC-U recycling is sustainable and this recycled material is a valuable secondary raw material which produces new , recycled windows. As a company we are seeing more second and even third generation windows being recycled now. Furthermore, the increase in the demand and popularity of foils is evidenced in the recycling process with as much as 38% of the post-industrial profile off cuts are now colours.

This year CNC Recycling are taking service reliability to a new level. Our vision and mission is to be THE trusted and reliable recycling partner to the fenestration industry. It is our driving force within our strategy. With this in mind three additional vehicles have been added to the fleet collecting end of life windows to meet demand. Two new sites have also been opened in Scotland to consolidate the service to our customers. Plans are in place for one more site this year. Our main customer base are still fabricators and installers. It is an uncomplicated process where we will come and collect all your old (deglazed) windows from site loaded up into our recycling vehicles. Not only does this save our customers money in waste costs, it also ensures the material is diverted from landfill. As an independent recycler to the industry this collection service is available to everybody. This primary source of end of life windows is crucial in the recycling process and many of our customers have recognised this and are highly supportive of our objectives.

There is more of an acceptance through the message that fabricators and installers appreciate that window profile may contain some recycled content, this is through the understanding that not only is this a benefit to the Industry, but evidence shown has proven that a recycled compound has no loss of performance against virgin resin and can be recycled as many as ten times. It is through this message that many window companies have taken the opportunity to show their own green credentials through recycling.

CNC Recycling, as part of it’s natural evolution, have continued to adopt new ways of working and thinking, into upgrading our PVC-U recycling capability. There has been further investment in plant and machinery (which is now fully operational) to improve the quality of the PVC-U with more recycling processes introduced which meets the consistency levels that the industry demands. The new website has just been launched as part of our marketing strategy and added to this the company has just committed to the implementation of the ISO 9001; Quality management and ISO 14001; Environmental Management systems.

Managing Director Melanie Reid commented: “We are always looking for ways to be more effective and productive. We want our most valuable asset, our employees , to continue to be motivated and engaged. We are looking to ensure we are a sustainable business for our suppliers and our customers for the long term. This year we have already seen a 40% growth in the business which reflects our drive and resilience to come back so strongly after last year’s setbacks.

“We fully support the industry in making window recycling a mainstream process and we will continue to raise customer awareness of recycled windows, though information and education around it’s environmental importance as one of the most sustainable materials available to the home improvement market.”

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