Published On: Mon, Sep 14th, 2015

New entry level aluminium machining centre from Emmegi

PR129 Close up of the new Phantomatic M3 machining centre from EmmegiAvailable in manual specification for as little as £35,000, the newly launched Emmegi Phantomatic M3 brings the option of a machining centre within reach of a much broader range of fabricators for the first time.

Ian Latimer, Managing Director of Emmegi (UK), says:  “This is aimed specifically at companies buying their first machining centre, new start-ups and PVC fabricators looking to diversify into aluminium.

“It’s the perfect entry level option and even comes in different spec levels so fabricators can choose the version which best suits their factories and their budgets.”

Despite its affordable price, the Phantomatic is a high quality, high performance machine built with the same precision and attention to detail as every other machine at Emmegi’s factory in Italy.

It is a three + one axis machining centre allowing profile to be processed on three sides, and is available with either a manual 9 tool storage magazine or the option of an automatic tool changeover.  It incorporates a pneumatic stop on the left hand side of the machine as standard and customers can add another stop on the right to allow longer sections to be processed if required.

A moveable work table makes for easy loading and unloading of the sections being machined and also increases the workable section when necessary.

In HMI version, the Emmegi Phantomatic M3 comes complete with a 15in touch screen display with all USB connections to remotely interface with PC and NC.  It also has a push button panel, mouse and keyboard and can be connected to a barcode scanner.

Ian Latimer adds:  “This new machine is in the tradition of the old P-macchine c01 models which were hugely popular with smaller scale fabricators but which are now obsolete.  Anyone wanting to replace a P-macchine now might like to take a look at the new M3 and see how it could be the ideal replacement.”

Previewed in prototype form at last year’s FIT show, the Phantomatic M3 is now available to order and orders have already been placed by fabricators including Quantum, South Lanarkshire Glazing, Southport Glass and Compass Aluminium.

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