Published On: Fri, Sep 24th, 2021

New managing director at Avocet

In what has been a pivotal year in the life of Avocet Hardware Group, the next phase of growth will be under the watchful eye of its new Managing Director, Dr Sachin Saigal. Dr Sachin brings years of business experience to Avocet and has already divulged ambitious plans for the future of the group.

“As everybody in business will tell you, the last year has been turbulent,” commented Dr Sachin, “COVID has brought constant upheaval to the supply chain, the really quite exorbitant price increases we have had to stomach as well as general profiteering on transportation costs, has made the last year and a half really quite strenuous. We needed to share the pain of running and operating a successful business.”

With that mindset and the desire to push Avocet Hardware Group further, situating Dr Sachin into a hands-on driving seat has already proved beneficial to the business. “There is so much we wanted to do, but it was obvious that a lot of time was spent on negotiating the day to day running of the business, that our plans for growth were being hindered,” remarked Rythm Saigal, CEO. “With Sachin taking ownership of growing the business, I could concentrate on existing projects and know that the future plans for the group were in safe hands. Sachin has a genuine dedication of bringing new products and providing excellent distribution service to our customers.”

Future plans for the business include diversification, which is already in the pipeline for the company: “We’ve always been known as a premium cylinder and hardware supplier and that’s something we’re very proud of,” said Dr Sachin. “Our latest venture is very different indeed and one that is presenting fantastic challenges and opportunities. We have created an entirely unique, artisanal brand of gardening tools, named Greenman Garden Tools, which we are delighted to say has gained some real momentum over the last few months. We are in the throes of working with one of the countries largest chain of garden centres to bring our Greenman Garden Tools range to the masses.”

There are other projects such as introducing tech, developing and enhancing the existing 3* cylinder range as well as developing new customer onboarding facilities. “Our mantra has always been, Avocet…makes things easy and I intend to take that motto forward and embed it into the very fabric of everything Avocet do moving forward,” stated Dr Sachin. The ambition is clearly evident and the future for the Avocet Hardware Group looks certain in the hands of Dr. Sachin and Rythm.