Published On: Sun, Jun 8th, 2014

New roof system with 37 product updates

Liniar Zoom roof kit offers perfect component colour match, availabilty from stock in eight popular colours and a single-point guarantee   

LiniarEndCapsThe Liniar customer Open Days in March (covered in April’s edition of Windows Active) saw the announcement of the brand new Liniar Zoom conservatory roof system, received to great acclaim by the visitors present. Now launched to Liniar customers in kit format, the roof has been developed to include no fewer than 37 updates – all carefully designed to increase the roof’s thermal benefits, enhance its overall appearance and make it even easier for installers to fit. Howard Hirst, Sales Director at Liniar, discusses a few of the new developments and explains why the roof kit launch is so highly anticipated by Liniar’s customers.

“Since the open day I’ve had customers calling me non-stop, asking when they can start ordering the Liniar Zoom roof – they didn’t want to wait until the 1st May and I’ve had to hold them back!

“The response to the roof kits has been overwhelmingly positive,” Howard continues, “and that’s down to the hard work that’s been put in to creating a product that offers so many benefits, not just to installers, but to homeowners too.

“One of the most exciting new developments is the EnergyPlus twin walled top cap. We’ve launched a range of six sculptured top caps, giving the Liniar Zoom roof greater thermal properties. The twin walled design results in a more rigid construction and offers a genuine alternative to expensive aluminium caps, being available in the full Liniar foiled range. Tested to temperatures up to 60ºC with no deterioration, the EnergyPlus top cap also results in a more accurate scribing of jack rafter bars. “Also brand new is Liniar’s deep flow box gutter, providing increased water flow and a positive fix to eaves beams, which also augments the integral roof strength. A quick and simple modification to the box gutter means it can be used in valley applications – and there’s a comprehensive range of self-sealing, clip-in box gutter adaptors available.

“Another great enhancement is our new Liniar bar end caps. Quick and simple to slide on from above, the caps mount directly onto the mounting bracket, eliminating any cap movement and giving a stunning finish to all bar ends.”

The demonstration roof in the impressive Liniar showroom generated lots of interest at the Open Day, mainly from customers who hadn’t looked at it for some time. It’s clear that Liniar has invested a significant amount of resource into research and development in order to deliver a roof kit that manufacturers want to sell and installers want to fit. So it’s not surprising that there’s already a line of customers queuing up to place their orders. Howard continues: “One of the main reasons there’s so much anticipation for the roof kits is that our customers are seeing much more of a demand for coloured installations. Homeowners are asking for more coloured, foiled windows and doors than ever before – so it stands to reason that they’ll want their conservatory to match. And if an installer is already fitting Liniar windows and doors, it makes perfect sense for him to order the roof kit from us too. And that’s for three reasons.

“Firstly, he knows he’ll get a perfect colour match as the roof components are foiled using the same staff, materials and machinery as the windows and doors. “Secondly, he won’t have to wait longer for the roof kit, as it’s usually available from stock in our eight most popular colours. “And lastly (and more importantly), there’s a single point of guarantee for the homeowner in the unlikely event of any future issues. That just makes the whole process simpler and avoids any potential for conflict that using different systems can bring.”

Liniar Zoom’s roof kits are only available via Liniar customers, and come with all the parts that are needed for a perfect conservatory installation – even glazing if required, which can be selected from a range of self-cleaning, solar control and colour options by leading manufacturer Pilkington, as well as polycarbonate in two widths and three colour options. There’s a video showing installers exactly how to fit the roof (visit to watch it), and each roof kit is supplied with a full installation guide too – so installers can be sure of delivering a high quality, leak-free, fully matching conservatory to their customers. A full brochure containing all the roof options, sizes, details, prices and how to order, can be downloaded from, or you can contact the Liniar Zoom team to request a hard copy on the number below.

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