Published On: Thu, Oct 27th, 2022

New Roto Solid B butt hinge now available for PVC-U and timber doors

Roto’s latest butt hinge is now available to PVC-U and timber door manufacturers.  The Solid B range has been designed in consultation with fabricator clients in order to focus on cost effectiveness and the provision of selling points for end users. “Fabricators making doors with any commercial PVC-U profile or from timber with a standard Eurogroove can take advantage of these latest hinges”, says Chris Cauwenberghs, Roto’s regional head of product marketing for Western Europe. “You can use them on an incredibly wide range of door designs”.

Slimline look – The internal mechanism is designed so that there is no visible offset between the frame and sash parts. “This is a key advantage of Solid B”, Chris explains. “The hinge always looks the same, even when the lateral adjustment is at the maximum. So your customers will always find them neat and appealing to the eye”.

Standardised range – Roto Solid B hinges are either 18 or 20 mm diameter and in each size there is a two-part and three-part model. All sizes come in two fitting variants. “You can choose one that screws into the sash overlap, or a rebate-screwed version that fits into the Eurogroove”, says Chris. “The rebate-screwed version allows an extra fixing screw for stability on profiles without reinforcement”.

Depending on the model of hinge chosen, the maximum sash loadings are 80 kg, 120 kg or 160 kg. 

Simple installation and adjustment – “Fitting teams can mount the hinges very quickly and accurately” Chris explains. “You don’t need to rout either the frame or sash, and fitters can ensure precise placement of the screw fixing holes with the dedicated Roto drilling jig. Once the door is hung, the hinges can be adjusted in three dimensions without the need to unhinge the door. All you need is a 4mm hex key”.

Roto Solid B hinges are available in five standard finishes, including black, white and a stainless steel effect. “Fabricators should get in touch with their Roto representative for a demonstration”, says Chris. “You can request this via the contact form on our Western Europe website