Published On: Tue, Jun 4th, 2024

OMNIA represents a new era in fenestration

OMNIA represents a whole new era in fenestration – one complete system that delivers a huge range of possibilities, with quality and innovation at its heart.

The double-rebated, double-flush system offers homeowners a complete flush look across all of their windows and doors, and looks set to completely revolutionise the fabrication and installation process.

Developed by Veka in collaboration with industry partners and fabricators, the newly-unveiled double flush window and door suite is set to transform the aesthetics of PVC-U systems and deliver the highest levels of technical performance.

Phil Gregory, Veka design and development manager, declares: “We believe that it will set the standard for what windows should look like over the next 10 years.”

OMNIA’s launch is the result of more than three years of detailed design, planning and manufacturing work by the company, whose main UK manufacturing operation is based in Burnley, Lancashire, and home to a workforce of 450.

Throughout Veka’s family business’ history, having started life in Germany in 1969 and established its UK manufacturing presence in 1986, the company has worked to set new standards in the industry, for both technical excellence and aesthetic appeal.

Now OMNIA is lifting those standards to new heights. Precision engineered and revolutionary in its design, OMNIA delivers casement windows, tilt and turn windows, residential and French doors, all from the same suite of just nine profiles.

Phil explains: “What we have created here is all you need, all in one place – for the first time in the industry a full suite to make all the different window and door types. And they will all match in their appearance.”

The fact OMNIA is a double flush system is another notable industry first. Phil says that development has been driven by customer demand and he recalls the frustration of one householder on finding her new windows were only flush on the outside.

He says: “She told me she didn’t buy the windows for her neighbours, but for herself. So why weren’t they flush inside? That conversation stuck with me and was one of the inspirations behind OMNIA.

“We asked ourselves, if someone likes the look, why just have it on one side? That was an important starting point for us.”

The innovation does not stop there. OMNIA’S hidden co-extruded gasket system is automatically mated with the extrusions during manufacture, which means no more time-consuming fitting by hand.

Phil says: “The gasket that creates the seal is actually put on when we’re extruding so the fabricator doesn’t have to do that on the bench. We’ve taken that out of production and that is a big win.”

The system supports mechanical jointing techniques, including timber weld and Veka’s patented, highly-cost effective ProJoin Gen 2 method.

It all means that recreating the look of a classic mortice and tenon joint is easy – which is ideal when it comes to projects in conservation areas and the increasing demand for authentic detailing.

Common design features and Veka’s time tested profile details reduce bespoke tooling requirements – another big industry win.

And for installers, the suite’s 70mm depth makes for an easy swap out of old units, while OMNIA’s range of performance benefits make it future-proof. It offers full compliance with 2025 building regulations – and beyond.

OMNIA also delivers superior performance in energy, weather and acoustic standards, compared to other flush sash products.

The suite has three colour pallet groups offering consumers a wide range of shades and textures.

The industry’s response to OMNIA has been highly positive. Neil Evans, the managing director of Veka plc, is excited by its possibilities. He says: “Our business is about high technical standards and know-how, with an uncompromising focus on product quality. OMNIA encompasses all this. We believe that it is a true game-changer.”