Published On: Thu, May 9th, 2019

RainStop delivers total protection against rain and the elements

Door seal specialist Norseal is launching RainStop, a seal which delivers total protection against rain and weather combined with completely zero-threshold, barrier-free access. RainStop eliminates wind and rain penetration around doors, improving thermal efficiency, increasing comfort, and reducing energy bills. This is achieved while maintaining a completely flush threshold since the seal self-adjusts, coping automatically with frame gaps. Norseal RainStop reliably delivers tightness against wind, and driving rain while its zero-barrier design helps specifiers to meet the accessible threshold requirements of Approved Document M. Norseal’s RainStop can be fitted to timber, PVC-U, composite or metal doors that open inwards and outwards. It is simple to fit and can be easily adapted to any door size or hardware configuration. This makes it perfect for use in care homes, social housing, hospitals, schools as well as residential settings, especially as it maintains the highest aesthetic appeal.

RainStop has been thoroughly and independently tested for withstanding rain penetration, resistance to wind load and acoustic insulation, achieving sound reduction values of up to 54dB. Norseal has also successfully carried out extensive salt-spray testing on doors fitted with RainStop. It is available in 750, 900, 1050, and 1,200 mm lengths as standard but lengths of up to 2m can be produced when required. Part of the European Athmer Group, Norseal is the leading provider of specialist door seal solutions, plus a wide range of ancillary door products. The company has a long track record of innovation, developing products which meet and exceed the latest industry standards for fire and smoke protection, acoustic properties, accessibility and thermal insulation. Products are backed by a qualified and experienced technical team offering advice and guidance on all aspects of intumescent and acoustic seals. As well as its core range of seals, Norseal supply a wide range of supplementary door products including fire-rated glazing, electrical and plumbing solutions, fire rated ventilation, letter plates, door viewers, threshold plates, weather seals, and finger protection products.

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