Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2022

Raising the bar for bespoke sash windows

As the popularity of sash windows continues to grow with UK homeowners, James Wilson, Technical Product Manager at ERA Home Security, explores the latest gearing and complementary furniture available to manufacturers to help meet the requirements of all property types. 

Whilst homeowners continue to invest in sash windows to achieve the desired aesthetic across the exterior of their property, they will also want to improve the longevity and energy efficiency of their windows.

To achieve this, manufacturers should partner with hardware suppliers that offer a comprehensive portfolio of functional hardware and decorative furniture that delivers unrivalled levels of technical performance and visual appeal. 

Focusing on functionality

In the home, vertical sliding windows should be both beautiful to look at and through, but invisible in operation. They should lift easily and open and close securely with the minimum of fuss. All options for the ventilation of windows, including tilting need to be simple to operate and safe with the use of restrictors. To make sure the window travels as seamlessly as possible, with minimum effort, manufacturers should choose balances that feature low operation forces, ensuring the window manoeuvres quietly and smoothly to deliver an enhanced user experience. 

By working with a supplier that offers a range of lifting options fabricators can produce sash windows of varying materials and sizes to meet the requirements of the majority of customers, regardless of their property type. Dual spring or torsion balances use a spring within spring arrangement to both support the lifting of the window and hold it in the open position. Balances that feature dual action closes will prevent any sudden closure of the window, reducing the potential for trapped fingers. A balance using an open coil spring structure and effective lubrication will reduce internal friction to deliver a smooth and quiet operation

This includes ERA’s new TrueGlide balance, which is manufactured in the UK and has been extensively tested in accordance with BS EN 13126-13:2012 in excess of 20,000 cycles and is supplied with a 10-year mechanical guarantee. Meeting such performance standards for safety and functionality is the leading priority for selecting balances and gearing for sash windows. 

The importance of aesthetics

Having used the best available gearing to deliver seamless functionality the window is finished with the visible hardware. Diverse and extensive ranges of high quality decorative furniture for these windows, allows homeowners to completely customise their sash windows to reflect their specific tastes be they period or modern. 

To create an effective replica of traditional sash windows, hardware that is available in a range of period-inspired finishes and designs can contribute to the character and unique appeal that homeowners are looking to achieve. Whilst this includes established finishes such as gold and chrome, the demand for more aged-inspired finishes is continuing to increase with homeowners looking to add an edge to their sash windows. 

This can be achieved by supplying hardware in finishes such as Hardex Pewter and Antique Black, which successfully replicate the visual appeal of traditional hardware by featuring intricate patterns that create a tactile surface. When combined with pewter or antique black finish, it creates an authentic appearance that is reminiscent of styles that date back to the 1900s. 

As the popularity of sash windows for modern properties increases, a more contemporary look can be achieved with architecturally designed hardware that is available in a range of gloss and matte shades including Hardex Bronze and Graphite.

Regardless of the customer’s chosen style, it’s important that a unified aesthetic is achieved across the entire window to truly reflect the style and grandeur that sash windows are so well known for. This includes pairing cam locks with matching tilt knobs, allowing the styling of the cam lock to be replicated on the bottom sash knob to create a coordinated look. The addition of sash eyes, bow handles and finger pulls in corresponding designs and colours can also create a fully suited finish across the entire window.

Ensuring the highest standards of quality and durability is also essential, as homeowners expect modern standards of durability across all aspects of the window. Choosing the Fab&Fix Hardex range is an effective way to deliver on both fronts, as its unique Hardex patented finish has undergone 480 hours of prohesion testing and is available in nine distinctive shades. This means all 200 complementary products within the Fab&Fix portfolio are supplied with a 10-year function and finish guarantee.

By offering a diverse range of high quality sash window gearings and decorative furniture in coordinating designs and finishes from a single supplier, manufacturers can provide homeowners with an effective mix and match service that allows them to create a bespoke finish across their entire property that sets the standard for performance.

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