Published On: Mon, Jun 17th, 2019

Roto launches new improved version of its Solid B 150R hinge

Roto has released a new improved version of its popular butt hinge for domestic entrance doors. The Roto Solid B 150R is now suitable for sashes up to 120 kg. The two-part hinge is designed for use on both inward and outward-opening doors, and is compatible with all conventional PVC-U systems that have a 13mm axis and sash overlap of 20mm. “This is an excellent addition to our portfolio”, says Chris Cauwenberghs, Market & Product Manager for Roto Western Europe. “A butt hinge is a very straightforward item commonly used by door manufacturers, but not all butt hinges are the same.

“At Roto we only use the highest grade materials and with the Solid B 150R you get axis and support pins made from stainless steel. The load-bearing parts are formed from extruded aluminium and refined steel is used for the rolled and welded components”, he explains. “This is how we are able to achieve such high load bearing abilities and a long service life for our products.”

Vesa Nenye, Roto UK Sales Manager, welcomes the new hinge. “The availability of Roto Solid B hinges in the UK is another example of our commitment to the British market”, he told Windows Active. “The fact we are continuously developing products like this is a reflection of Roto’s overall focus on door products”, he said.

“We have a huge market share worldwide in window fittings, but we also have a full range of door systems that has existed for a long time, is always being improved and can cover a wide range of requirements for manufacturers”.

Roto Solid B 150R is fully adjustable in three dimensions, and these adjustments can be made on site using a 5mm key without altering the aesthetics of the hinge installation. Available in a standard white, plus an anodised stainless steel look, the hinge is also available to order in a full range of RAL colours and a number of anodised variants.

For more information, call Daz Binning of Roto UK customer service on 0800 260 5661 (from Ireland 1800 943 639).