Published On: Fri, Sep 19th, 2014

Saint-Gobain raises the bar with tougher, warmer Planitherm Total+

SGG Planitherm Total+ The Game Has Moved OnEurope’s leading low-E glass has now been made better than ever with the launch of the next evolution of the acclaimed PLANITHERM TOTAL+ from Saint-Gobain Glass.

The new PLANITHERM TOTAL+ has an increased g-value, making higher WERs more achievable, and also an even more robust coating to maximise manufacturers’ yield and reduce associated losses.

The g-value is stepped up from 0.71 to 0.73 thanks to the use of SGG’s new lower-iron PLANICLEAR float substrate and further enhancements to the coating, giving not only higher solar gain to contribute to WER banding but also improved aesthetics through its greater transparency.

For IGU manufacturers, its improved magnetron coating has greater mechanical strength and scratch-resistance, reducing the wastage from accidental damage and so helping to achieve higher yield ratios.

Saint-Gobain Glass Marketing Manager, Susan Lambeth said: “This new PLANITHERM TOTAL+ not only gives higher WER performance, including the ability to deliver the new A+ band more easily, but also greater efficiencies to our customer, the IGU manufacturer. PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is one of the core elements of the residential window industry so we know these developments will be welcomed by many.

“Saint-Gobain Glass has always been a world leader in magnetron coating technology, as well as the development of all kinds of advanced glazing and this latest evolution will be a major factor in our retaining this lead.”

PLANICLEAR, which forms the substrate of the new PLANITHERM TOTAL+ was launched earlier this year as a lower-iron glass, giving higher light transmission and solar gain without the price-exclusivity of a specialist full low-iron product.

PLANITHERM has been a residential market leader for over 12 years. As well as undergoing constant evolution to retain that lead, the brand has been strongly supported by TV consumer advertising and in the trade by its unique Planitherm Installer Network and extensive marketing support material.