Published On: Wed, May 4th, 2016

Smart Specialism from Carl F Groupco

Motorised multipoint locking for all property applications including residential, the hotel & leisure sector and retirement/assisted living

pic_SmartSecure_John CrittendenIn this article for Windows Active, hardware distributor Carl F Groupco reports on a brand launched to serve the needs of the smart sector. SmartSecure is a new company division that focuses on Smart Access Control offering motorised multipoint locking for all property applications including residential, the hotel & leisure sector and the retirement / assisted living markets. With over a decade’s experience of the Fuhr multitronic 881, Carl F Groupco has developed its support for the solution through the launch of a dedicated SmartSecure division which offers technical support, a customer partnership programme and extensive educational materials to assist fabricators, architects, consultants and specifiers in their understanding and adoption of new-generation smart locking technology.

A key message sent to fabricators is to get on board early with smart locking technology as it presents a valuable opportunity for differentiation. As with all the 5,000 plus products available in Carl F Groupco’s core range, a full advisory and technical support service is provided to help customers achieve that differentiation. Carl F Groupco reports that continued R&D investment by Fuhr into the 881 has ensured comprehensive smart capabilities for the product including keyless opening which means that a single radio key can be used to operate four different locations such as front door, garage door, and driveway entrance. Equipped with a panic function and conforming to both EN 179 and EN 1125, the fire-resistant smart solution is ideal for both standard and more specialised requirements such as non-residential buildings that may need to be fitted with certified emergency exit doors. The product’s established track record already offers peace of mind but, for additional reassurance, Carl F Groupco advises that the locking system has passed durability tests with more than 200,000 test cycles.

Intelligent control and compatibility are two bywords strongly associated with SmartSecure: the multitronic 881 is pre-configured for a range of building management system requirements and degrees of complexity. Commenting on the combined sophistication and simplicity of the smart system, Carl F Groupco’s Managing Director John Crittenden said: “It doesn’t get any easier than the 881 and we are here to de-mystify the process. With over 50 years’ experience of the hardware industry and success based on our support and technical understanding of products, we are ideally placed to assist in the adoption of smart locking technology. The capabilities and sophistication of the solution are key benefits but it is also straightforward, an encrypted radio signal is all that is needed to open a door.”

Optional radio control systems include SmartConnect easy for convenient door opening using a smartphone. Easy to install with no cables required and reported as a real USP by Carl F Groupco, this intelligent WLAN-based access control system provides keyless operation. Extremely secure due to SSL encryption, SmartConnect easy communicates via local area networks and the internet. Capable of storing up to 1,000 entries and offering password protected functionality, up to 200 users can be individually administered. A user-friendly app controls a door from any location. A smart radio module is also available for lock monitoring and providing feedback to confirm whether the door is secured.

The SmartTouch comfort access system enables easy access by a simple touch of a sensor. This pioneering electronic locking technology operates just like smart car technology – all that is needed is a small active transponder in the vicinity of the door. The transponder is activated by movement, therefore uncertainties about security when leaving keys inside the home are addressed. This pioneering technology can also be fitted into a pull handle meaning that not only is the access control hidden, it also improves the aesthetics of the entrance. As well as radio keys supplied as standard, additional radio-based access control systems are also available including a radio fingerprint scanner for keyless biometric access control with 2-channel opening technology e.g. front door and garage. A radio keypad allows users to open doors by entering individually selectable codes and, like other Fuhr access control solutions, rolling code technology ensures high security. Additionally, a radio transponder reader facilitates easy opening of residential and garage doors simply by holding a transponder in front of the reader. Carl F Groupco reports that smart home technology is probably the biggest development for the UK hardware industry for the 21st century. They advise that the electronic evolution is one to be embraced early but it is a technical sell and, just like buying cars with smart capabilities, quality products from reputable suppliers backed by comprehensive technical support are essential. The industry needs to capitalise on this opportunity but adopters need to be reassured that their suppliers are totally au fait with the technology and SmartSecure has been formed to meet this need.

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