Published On: Mon, Jul 18th, 2022

The industry has now been introduced to the Gerda range of residential doors

With this year’s recent FIT Show now widely acknowledged as an unequivocal success, Pioneer Trading’s Managing Director Danny Williams has also joined in the accolades being heaped on the event by declaring it: The Best FIT Ever!

“I have attended every previous FIT Show, three times as an exhibitor,” said Danny, “and this was the best that I have been to, this time with a substantial stand through which we launched a brand and product, Gerda residential doors, that is completely new to the UK home improvement market. And it was successful beyond any expectations.”

In fact, continued Danny, he was a little apprehensive in the build-up to the event: “We have been through some very unusual and quite nervous times and circumstances and these continue to be challenging,” he said. “Would people be worried about Covid, would they take time to attend with the market still busy…had people got out of the ‘FIT habit’?  – all of these were issues. But we need not have worried.”

Pioneer Trading used the FIT Show to launch a unique range of Gerda steel and aluminium front entrance doors in the UK. Stylish, elegant and with an emphasis on high security with superior thermal performance across all of its products, Gerda Doors are superbly engineered using the finest steel and aluminium door construction techniques. With high performance levels and unique construction methods and materials, Gerda Doors are an effective alternative to conventional composite doors and it was hoped by Danny that a launch at the FIT Show would quickly establish Gerda as a strong, prestigious brand in the UK. 

‘Mission accomplished,” said Danny. “Of the hundreds of visitors to our stand we took 198 detailed contact forms from people who had examined the Gerda doors and want to know more. These came from every area in the UK, and an impressive number from the Irish Republic too. We have enquiries from Scotland, the Channel Islands and every area of England and Wales, to the point where we can now begin calculating transport drops throughout the UK,” he explained.  

The FIT Show also worked in another crucial, though unexpected way, observed Danny: “Our partnership with Gerda has been very positive and their investment in our stand and launch in the UK is impressive. But the FIT Show showed the Gerda owners and executives just how vibrant and exciting the home improvement sector is in Britain and Ireland, how professional and dynamic we are as an industry, and the high esteem in which Pioneer is held as a company. It cemented our relationship and made them even more committed to the market. Our launch at FIT Show exceeded every hope that we had. But we are already visiting the people that we met at the show and the first GERDA residential doors will be installed in British homes within the next few weeks.”