Published On: Sat, Jun 7th, 2014

The quality of Sheerframe’s reversible window is reflected in its sales

Sheerframe reversible windowWhen Sheerframe launched its latest generation 8000 system reversible window a few years ago it was because the company isn’t complacent about already having a great product. Gary Doxey, Sheerframe’s Marketing Manager said, “Reversible windows have been an integral part of the Sheerframe product portfolio for nearly 25 years. The great work our R&D department undertakes allows us to be constantly ahead of the regulations and future trends to ensure that we are always in a position to deliver a market-leading product. The end result of the work we undertook gave us a reversible window that in my view is unrivalled in terms of aesthetics and performance and delivers what the market needs, which is reflected in our growing sales statistics.”

The window was designed to appeal to the ever increasing trend for fewer, larger windows and has shaped profiles that give a flush finish which give a softer look to a window, and eye catching aesthetics. Thermal performance wasn’t forgotten during the design process either. It offers a superb set of thermal enhancements, including a five chamber design that increases the full window U value and, with 44mm triple glazing, the window joins the Sheerframe family of Zero Carbon windows with a cost effective 0.8 W/m²K U value.

Weathertightness hasn’t been forgotten, either. Sheerframe’s reversible has twin weatherseals to double the contact area when windows are closed to give exceptional protection from the elements. Under BS 6375 Part 1, airtightness of 1000 Pascals has been achieved, giving greater comfort from draughts as well as warmer rooms and less heat loss.

While end users will be impressed with the benefits the reversible window has to offer, manufacturers and installers will be equally impressed.

The window has a complete set of parts, including a double sided mullion, a Z transom that can be glazed one side for fixed lights and an intermediate T transom mullion for the fixed light area. The Z frame, T mullion non glazing and T mullion glazing are all 86mm and weld into each other, meaning the practicalities of making certain multilight designs are greatly enhanced. Two unique reinforcements, Thermlock SR and FP, give great fixings combined with added rigidity where required in transoms and mullions.

Installers will appreciate the simplified bead system, which uses a single clip fit action, speeding up installation time.

Sheerframe, part of the Litchfield Group, is renowned for its approach to product innovation. And as the success of the reversible window shows, the company has got it right once again.