Published On: Mon, Jul 31st, 2023

The Stuga Autoflow-2 MK4 has arrived

Since its beginnings in 1980, Stuga Machinery has been a leading manufacturer of high-performance CNC machinery for the production of components for PVC-U windows and doors. Over the years, the company has expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of cutting-edge machinery and equipment, designed to meet the evolving needs of its customers, further enhanced during the acquisition of Stuga by German giant Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH, who have a diverse portfolio including welding, corner cleaning, factory logistics and handling solutions. 

Their latest generation of Autoflow; the Autoflow-2 MK4, has been a roaring success, with 4 machines manufactured & installed within the first 6 months of it’s launch. The Autoflow-2 had been designed to replace the Microline which has since been phased out but is still fully supported. The Autoflow-2 carries out all of the functions of the Microline, whilst utilising leading edge technology and staying ahead of the demands of the industry. 

The AutoFlow-2 sawing and machining centre is now at the MK4 version and is designed, manufactured and supported by Stuga in Great Yarmouth. With a small footprint of only 15.5 meters by 3.2 meters built on a strong steel, one base chassis, the Autoflow can produce in the region of up to 400 UK style casement windows per week – based on a single shift at 100% OEE with one operator; depending on mix of window configuration. 

Producing all saw cuts including arrowheads, all normal preps; including trickle vents, espags, drainage and spot preps, as well as ‘V’ & ‘Y’- notches on BOTH sides of the profile. The fully flexible and patented rotary tooling mechanism produces output well beyond that of fixed head machines.

This ever popular machine has also been designed with optional upgrades to be adapted to suit customers’ differing needs and budgets. 

The Autoflow-2 MK4 has the option to include a label applicator, automatically applying a label to each cut-piece once ejected onto outfeed table, this reduces operator intervention also removing risk of applying wrong label and improves label placement accuracy. This machine benefits from the standard feature of double plunge which allows machining from both sides of the profile simultaneously, and is also designed to offer the option to upgrade to quad plunge for faster vent prep cutting across two tool diameters.

This machine is packed with intelligent features to ensure customers can deliver high quality time and time again. Having consistent and accurate quality whilst reducing the costs of labour in the workshop brings an irreplaceable value to any business.

The response to the Autoflow-2 MK4; which was first show cased at the FIT Show last month has proven that this machine is exactly what the industry has been waiting for. Innovative technology, designed to enhance quality and accuracy whilst lowering the cost of labour.

Alongside their cutting edge technology, Stuga offers a comprehensive after-sales, as well as service contracts supported by their team of industry and technical experts, Stuga also supply parts for spares and repairs to ensure that its customers get the most out of their machinery. 

Stuga boasts an excellent track record of customer satisfaction which has been nurtured by their knowledgeable team over the years with many customers returning time and time again. If you would like an obligation free consultancy to find the very best machine and package suited to you and your business, please contact the sales team via the contact details below:

Tel: 01493 742348