Published On: Tue, Jul 24th, 2018

Thermo Door targets the premium quality entrance door market

Thermo Door was established by Michelle Owen in January 2017, in response to the increasing UK consumer demand for premium quality entrance doors of which we see in abundance on the continent. Managing Director Michelle explains: “In recent years, UK homes have been developed back to front, so entrance doors have generally been an after thought. This has changed completely within the last 12 months with grand entrances becoming the main event and industry exhibitions dominated by them.”

Having enjoyed a highly successful first year, Thermo Door are now looking to expand their customer base by working with trade partners to ensure nationwide supply and installation of their innovative, market leading entrance door products. “Being staunchly focussed on quality at all levels is what has elevated us so rapidly into the market leading position.” explains Michelle. “Whilst being stubborn about our goals, we are flexible with our methods.  We recognise that there’s no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to working with partners, and that each will have different requirements to make the venture a joint success.”

Thermo Doors extensive and exclusive range of Aluminium Entrance Doors include an entry level 70mm, 5 point locking system, a mid-range 70mm, 10 point ‘bank vault style’ locking system and a top-of-the-range 90mm system with 14 point lock. The entire range is triple glazed as standard.

Michelle adds: “We believe that we have the best quality product and service for entrances of this type in the UK, and for us this is just the beginning.  To remain as front-runners in this growing market place, we are working very closely with our partners to develop and introduce varied products to cater for the individual requirements of the customer.  We have just launched a full online pricing and quoting app to offer to our partners, so that their customers can be presented with a full, professional quotation with sign-off to order within just 10 taps of any smart device, anywhere.” With other exciting entrance door products to come later in the year, it appears Thermo Door are responding superbly to the markets growing Grand Entrance desires!

Tel: 020 8090 4142