Published On: Wed, Nov 30th, 2022

UAP to launch ultra-secure electronic lock

UAP is gearing up for the launch of an ultra-secure electronic door lock, enabling access via a smartphone app

Manufactured for timber, aluminium and composite doors, the IONIC will be the first in a series of ‘smart’ products to be launched under UAP’s Fullex-ai brand. Simple to install and easy to use, the electronic lock is suitable for domestic properties, student accommodation and social housing. 

Ideal for factory fittings, the IONIC can be adjusted to different door sizes with a design based on the Fullex Crimebeater lock, which is engineered to provide long-term reliability and security. 

Featuring an integrated power supply and wireless charging, the IONIC enables a door to be opened and closed using Bluetooth on a mobile phone. To provide flexibility for users, the lock can also be opened using a fob, a push button on the inside, a thumb turn, or an override key if there is an emergency. 

To allow even easier door access, the fob can be paired with the app and offers the most advanced security encryption on the market. 

“We know that many people are concerned about keyless car theft and could have similar worries about an electronic door lock,” said David Jennings, Chief Executive Officer at UAP. “To overcome this, the IONIC fobs can’t be cloned, and the codes can’t be stolen by intercepting the signal. We achieved this by manufacturing every fob with two million rolling codes, which means that every transmission is unique and there are more than four billion unique codes. 

“There is no data held within the IONIC or need for a server to control the lock, making it ultra secure.

“We’ve also built additional security authentication into the app with face recognition so if a user loses their phone, no one can access it.”

Further enhancing security, access logins can be managed via a mobile phone and the app enables users to see who has opened the door. An infinite number of door openings can be registered by the app and up to 1,500 on the lock itself.

With a simple interface that hides complex technology, the app has several access functions. In addition to large, bright buttons for unlock and lock, the operator can set up new users and a wide range of time settings. 

“If regular access is required for a cleaner or carer for example, the homeowner can set the other user’s app to open the lock between certain times,” explained David. “It’s also possible to set up one-time-only access for workmen and to add and delete users at the press of a button. 

“These customisable settings provide a very simple and flexible solution, especially for owners of rented holiday accommodation such as Airbnb properties.

“We’ve also created an auto lock feature allowing the user to choose the time it takes for the door to lock, based on the type of accommodation they live in.”  

A wireless unit, which fits easily to a door frame, connects to a control unit and is used to power the IONIC. Customers can either use a USB wire with a plug or a power pack to charge the lock via this system. If there was a power cut, a charged lock can operate for up to four weeks without a power supply. 

Available in anthracite grey, chrome and white, the IONIC has been designed with a modern and minimalist appearance. UAP has also created a mechanism which enables the lock to be paired with rose handles further improving aesthetics and allowing handles to be matched inside a property.  

Alternatively, users can pair the lock with classic door handles on a backplate or high security front door handles for fabricators seeking enhanced security.

Specialist doorset company, PDS, is the first company to test the IONIC. Ben Davies, Technical Compliance Manager, said: “The IONIC is really simple to use and that’s one of the major positives about it. The app is easy to download and it’s very simple to set up the users and the fobs. 

“More people are opting for modern door designs and specifying lever on rose door handles where the lever is fixed to a circular plate. As the IONIC is compatible with this design, architects, interior designers and homeowners have much more choice and flexibility when opting for an electronic lock.”

Concluded David: “Launching soon, the IONIC is just the start of UAP’s Fullex-ai journey and we’re excited about its potential. We’re confident that its unique, patented design will become the standard for all electronic multipoint locks and in the long term, could even set the benchmark for all locks that go into solid frame doors.”

Competitively priced, the IONIC will be supplied with two fobs and comes with a 10-year mechanical warranty and two-year electronics warranty. All electronic parts are manufactured in Europe with the full IONIC system assembled in the UK. 

The IONIC is scheduled to be available by the end of the year.