Published On: Mon, Apr 22nd, 2024

When homeowners are most likely to install new windows and doors

The Residence Collection shares expertise on when homeowners are most likely to install new windows and doors….

With an increase of 170% in searches for ‘house renovations’ in the last quarter1, there indicates a notable increase in demand for window and door upgrades throughout the Spring.

From energy-efficient solutions to aesthetic enhancements, the spring season presents a prime opportunity for trade professionals to capitalise on the following key factors driving consumers buying habits:

Energy Efficiency:

With warmer weather on the horizon, homeowners are increasingly focused on optimising energy efficiency to combat rising cooling costs. Nearly half of UK homeowners are aiming to make their homes more eco-friendly and energy efficient.3 Installers are poised to meet this demand by providing innovative window and door solutions designed to improve insulation and reduce energy use.

The Residence Collection can support installers with these sustainability goals, as all three of the window systems boast energy efficiency. The R9 system achieves an A++ energy rating with a u-value of 0.74 W/m2K for triple glazing and 1.2W/m2k for double and R7 and R2 both have A++ energy ratings and reach a u-value 0.79W/m2k for triple glazing and 1.2W/m2k for double glazing as standard.

Springtime installations allow homeowners to reap the benefits of improved efficiency throughout the winter months, positioning installers as trusted partners in sustainable home improvement.

Renewed Considerations:

Spring symbolises rejuvenation and renewal, prompting homeowners to revitalise their living spaces with fresh design elements.

Installers play a crucial role in helping clients achieve their aesthetic goals through the selection and installation of on-trend windows and doors. Each customer and property has unique preferences, and there is a growing demand for home improvement solutions that offer a high degree of personalisation as well as functionality.

The Residence Collection offers 23 different colourways across three systems, along with a range of different dual-colour options, with each system boasting a different aesthetic and style to align with consumer preferences. This allows installers to be able to widen their product offerings through a variety of colour choices.

In 2024, the UK Government initiated an energy efficiency initiative targeting heritage homes, aiming to address barriers faced by homeowners in preserving historical properties while embracing sustainability. This effort acknowledges the hindrances posed to achieving Net Zero status by 2050.

The Residence Collection, recognized for its adherence to Article 4 guidelines, facilitates planning and installation processes for conservation areas and Grade-II listed buildings. The R9 model, a pioneering timber alternative window introduced in 2011, aligns with energy efficiency standards, notably surpassing Future Homes Standard 2025 requirements, making it a prime choice for upgrading energy efficiency in historic structures.

Strategic Preparations for Seasonal Shifts:

As the industry anticipates increased demand during the spring and summer months, installers are proactively preparing for the surge in renovation projects. By optimising scheduling and resource allocation, installers can efficiently accommodate client needs and deliver timely installations.

Moreover, suppliers and manufacturers are ramping up production to meet the heightened demand for window and door products, ensuring seamless supply chain operations throughout the peak season.

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection commented: “Spring heralds a period of significant opportunity for installers in the window and door industry. By leveraging energy-efficient solutions, embracing design innovation, and anticipating demand, installers can position themselves for success in meeting the evolving needs of homeowners seeking to enhance their living spaces.

“At The Residence Collection, we pride ourselves on supplying installers with window ranges that naturally fulfil the needs and wants of current and future homeowners.”